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On Wednesday, a well known firearm manufacturer announced their return to the business. That company is Bushmaster Firearms, returning to the industry after a long hiatus. Now, known as Bushmaster Firearms International. As, a company Bushmaster has had a tumultuous career during its 48 year history. A history of successes and failures for the long running company.

During, the span of four decades Bushmaster has dealt with being owned and operated by multiple companies with varying visions for the brand. With those varying visions their was no focus or product continuity. That lack of vision left the brand stale to consumers and in a precarious spot.

Then in 2020, we saw the end of the Bushmaster brand when it’s parent company Remington announced the brand would be retired. This retirement was due to Remington’s reconstruction after Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. Fast forward to September 2020, and Bushmaster was sold to Crotalus Holdings, Inc. Now, the company has risen from the ashes with new goals, vision of the future, and independence.

The initial focus for Bushmaster will be razor sharp. The company will focus on variants of the XM15-E2S™ such as QRC and the M4 Partolman series of rifles. Then, in the future the company will focus on the ACR and the .450 Bushmaster models.

Below, is the press release from Bushmaster on their return to the industry.

Press Release

August 2021 (Carson City,NV)– The venerable Bushmaster™ brand has been a household name in firearms for many years. Today we are proud to announce, that Bushmaster™ is back!

The preliminary offerings will focus on variants of the XM15-E2S™ model such as the QRC™ and M4 Patrolman’s™. We look forward to supporting law enforcement, military markets and reestablishing export sales with these items. In the future, we look forward to producing the ACR® and models chambered in 450 Bushmaster™.

Bushmaster Firearms™ is excited to announce our return. We are not an affiliate with any other firearms manufacturing companies. In times to come, our array of products will provide Proven™ perfection to all.

“Bushmaster Firearms™ is proud to be focusing on quality, American made manufacturing, driven by a long history that Bushmaster™ has accompanied. We will be using innovating and improved engineering, advanced materials, as well as the latest technology. It will always be Bushmaster’s™ mission to push our limits of performance, so that you can push yours.” CEO, Sun Naegele.

What do you think of the return of Bushmaster to the scene? Let us know in the comments below.

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