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The Brady Center is funding a lawsuit in the state of Nevada against Korean company Kyung Chang Industry Co. LTD, better known as KCI and KCI USA. KCI USA manufacturers standard capacity and high capacity magazines for the AK-47, AR-15, Glock, and other firearms on the market.

The lawsuit against KCI stems for the 2019 mass shooting that occurred in a bar in Dayton, Ohio. In that mass shooting the shooter killed 9 people and injured 17 before being killed by police at the scene. The shooter used KCI USA 100-round drum magazine with an AR pistol to commit those murders. The lawsuit claims since the drum holds more than 10 rounds it made the shooter “deadiler” and KCI was negligent for selling those large capacity magazines to the public.

The beginning of the lawsuit starts with a quote from Bill Ruger which he states, “no honest man needs more than ten rounds” and that it was, “never intended for simple civilians” to have his “20- or 30-round magazines….” Mr. Ruger retired from the company in 2000. Since his retirement the company has produced and sold thousands of AR-15’s with standard 30-round capacity magazines to the public. Ruger current stances on magazines is that all Americans have the right to own any magazine of any size they so choose to.

The crux of the Brady Center’s lawsuit is that these magazines don’t offer a reasonable purpose for hunting or self-defense. That the only purpose a person would buy a 100-round drum is to commit mass murder. The case uses an emotional argument to defend their argument. Using explosive language such as “instruments of slaughter”, asserting that KCI USA needed the Dayton shooter, “to accomplish their mission to make as much money as possible.” It calls KCI USA reckless for selling of the drums. In the suit it highlights that the shooter shot 41 rounds. The suit against KCI USA comes to the hypothesis that without the drum the death toll would have been lower.

The suit also claims that KCI’s magazines are, “unreasonably dangerous firearm accessories which are designed to enable unlawful mass shootings like the attack when sold to civilians.” The suit also argues that the only people in the civilian market who needs large capacity magazines (LCM’s) are mass killers.” The plaintiffs in the case also claim that KCI should have used the “highest degree of reasonable care,” when it came to selling those drums. The suit states that KCI should have protocols in place so that there magazines don’t fall into the hands of potential mass murderers.

The lawyers also make the bold assertion that KCI knew they where selling products that would produce a mass shooting. They continue to argue that KCI USA, “directly and foreseeable channeled the magazine to the shooter.” The basis of the argument by the lawyers for the plaintiffs is to blame KCI USA for producing large capacity magazines with the ability to hold 100 rounds. They blame the ease of use which a person can buy a these drums online from KCI USA or other firearm retailers.

The lawyers are seeking the court to award monetary damages and attorney fees to the plaintiffs involved in the case. The suit also asks the court for an injunction upon KCI USA to stop the company from selling its 100-round drum magazine.

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