Warning!: This is my opinion and hands-on impression of the Geissele’s Super Duty Rifle. My time was limited with the rifle to the show floor. I didn’t have access to Range Day on Monday. So, my impressions are from the multiple times I visited the booth to spend sometime with the Rifle and refine my thoughts on the Super Duty rifle. You have been warned.

Everyone knows that Geissele makes some of the best rifles on the market. As, well as rails, triggers, charging handles, and lower parts kits. Geissele products are synonymous with quality, durability, and impeccable performance. 

So, it was a pleasure to get my hands-on with a Super Duty Rifle. At, the booth Geissele had the 16-inch version available.

Geissele’s Super Duty Rifle Features

The Geissele Super Duty Rifle features a 16-inch chrome lined Cold Forged Hammer barrel with a A2 birdcage on the front. Paired with Geissele’s Super Mid-length gas tube and Super Compact Gas block. The Super Duty rifles uses Geissele’s REBCG (Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group), Super 42 buffer system, and uses Geissele’s new SSA-E X trigger. The Super Duty also sports a 15-inch MK16 M-Lok rail. 

The Super Duty Rifle builds on the show floor were equipped with Geissele’s scope mount and new optic. 

Shot Show allowed me to spend some quality hands-on time with the Super Duty Rifle. My first impressions of the rifle are positive. I honestly I expected nothing less when it’s rocking Geissele’s name on it. Let’s get into this hands-on.

First, I will discuss what I liked about the rifle. Second, I will discuss what I wasn’t too hot on with the Super Duty Rifle. 


Overall, from top to bottom the Super Duty Rifle is a well built rifle. The rifle screams quality, attention to detail, and precision with its design and execution. Handling the rifle was a positive experience also. The rifle felt balanced and fit well in my shoulder. 

There is so much to crush over when it comes to Super Duty Rifle but, I will marrow it down to three topics. First, is the aesthetics of the rifle. Second, is ergonomics of the Super Duty. Third, is the new SSA-E X trigger installed in the Super Duty Rifles


The design of the Super Duty is clean and minimalist. The rifle has clean lines and a sleek design. Nothing really stands out but flows naturally from back to front or from front to back. It is a sexy rifle that begs to be picked up and handled and dry fired. 


When I am talking about ergonomics of the rifle I am talking about how it feels to shoulder the weapon. This rifle is a dream to hold. The B5 Systems SOPMOD buttstock fits well into the shoulder. The SOPMOD buttstock also allows you to receive proper cheek weld when shouldering the rifle. The rubber buttplate doesn’t allow for any slippage or movement once in your shoulder. You have the ability to get nice and high on the pistol grip. While your support hand can find a place that is comfortable on the MK16 handguards. All put together to form a weapon that is wonderful to shoulder.


Geissele’s new SSA-E X trigger is dope man. I’m just gonna put that out there in the universe. This is a excellent trigger. Easily one of the best two stage triggers on the market. The new SSA-E X offers a smooth uptake and a well defined first stage. Once you reach and surpass that wall it is a clean and crisp break of the trigger. On the reset you receive a nice audible “click” with a nice short reset. Lastly, I enjoy the design of the trigger shoe. It’s a mix between a flat face trigger and the curve design of M4 trigger. The marriage of the two designs is a nice touch to the trigger. I am a fan of Geissele’s triggers and this just reinforces what I love about their triggers. A crisp uptake with a clean break of the trigger. Along with nice audible “click” on the reset with a nice short reset. It’s sexy man. Sexy. 


To be honest it isn’t much I don’t like about this rifle. To express the small dislike would be doing nothing but, nitpicking. Those nitpicks aren’t even worth bring up in my mind. The only main negative is the price point. The Super Duty Rifle retails for $1,600 dollars. I believe I can build a quality rifle on par with a Super Duty Rifle for less. But, at the same time you are getting a complete production rifle from Geissele for $1,600. If I wanted to potentially invest in a production rifle Geissele’s Super Duty Rifle would be on my short list. 

Overall Impressions

At the end of the day Geissele has designed and built a well balanced rifle. Geissele Automatics attention to detail, quality, and design language shine through in the Super Duty Rifles. At, the end of the day you know purchased a quality rifle done right and worth it’s price point. 

What do you think of Geissele’s Super Duty Rifles? Have you ever shot one? If so what where your impressions of the rifle after shooting it. Let us know in the comments below.

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