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In the past few days a new social media app has emerged on iTunes and the Google Play store called Gunspace. It was created as an alternative to the notorious anti-2A social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram. It provides gun owners and gun enthusiasts a way to share their passion and love for firearms without the threat of censorship by big tech. The Gunspace app works as like any other social media app allowing you to post pictures and videos of firearms, going shooting (recreational or hunting), or anything else shooting related. You also have the ability to link your to posts to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok accounts.

The Gunspace social media app seeks to make a welcoming gun culture vibe for gun owners, enthusiasts, and new shooters. By being able to post, network, and provide training and educational resources to the community as a whole.

Below, is the welcome email from Gunspace and app features.

Welcome Email

Gunspace is the fastest growing firearm community in the United States.
Chat, message and share pictures with fellow club members on the CLUBFEED
Whether you are an enthusiast, owner, manufacturer, trainer, gun shop owner or event promoter, our online platform has the best tools to connect you directly with the firearm community.

App Features

• Upload your firearms to your virtual vault and show them off to your friends and followers

• Watch and share videos of hunting, match’s, training or newly released products.

• Network with other shooting sports enthusiasts or stay anonymous.

•Add firearm details, such as modifications, multiple pictures and favorite places to shoot.

• Receive notifications when you receive new messages and followers

• See what events the people you are following are attending.

• Network by liking and commenting on posts.

• Check out new firearms your friends have added to their vault.

• Share videos and pictures on the Shooter Ready feed

• Search the thousands of events in our community to find the ones that interest you.

• Fully customization event creation allows you to run payments directly through the app.

• Want to grow your firearm business? Market your range, competition, gun store or MFG company and events by creating your business page, and post all of your events on the app, then push them out to Instagram.


• No Racism or Politics allowed! Lots of different people enjoy the shooting sports and this is a “safe space” to come together as Americans and discuss firearms and the shooting sports without being censored.

Gunspace is currently available now on iTunes and Google Play store. It is a free download.

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