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Last week, EOTECH went on a media blitz hyping up and unveiling their first venture into reflex sight market with the EFLEX. The EFLEX was built from the ground up as a pistol red dot. Which means it’s a great option for a red dot in the duty, competition, or self-defense role. This gives end users the flexibility on how they choose to use EOTECH’s new red dot.

The new EFLEX is made out of an heavy duty aluminum body with a large viewing window. The new red dot features 8 brightness settings and 1 night vision setting, 25,000 hour battery life, and uses a Delta Point Pro footprint.

Show Show Impressions

While at Shot Show I had a chance to briefly get hands on with the EFLEX at the EOTECH booth on the show floor.

My initials impressions of the optic are good. The EFLEX seems well built and rugged. Looks good aesthetically. Has a big window to find your target and easily acquire your red dot. I have some questions about the longevity of the brightness buttons. Yet, they felt good when you pressed. While also having a good tactile feel to them. I feel like they might be sticking out a little too much but, that’s just nitpicking. EOTECH used a Delta Point Pro footprint over the RMR. That was a little perplexing. The company might be trying to make the red dot more attractive for military contracts since the SIG M17 and M18 have Delta Point Pro footprints. Just a hypothesis.

In the end, there is nothing really special going on with it. It just looks to be a solid, no frills entry into the pistol red dot market. If this was a closed and used a RMR footprint I think it would have piqued more interest overall. Enclosed emitters seem to be the trend moving forward. So, it definitely seems like EOTECH’s a little behind the power curve. Yet, a strong first entry into the market.

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