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Griffin Armament Jumps Into The Optics Game With A New LPVO & Pistol Red Dot Sight

Griffin Armament is a well-known brand within the suppressor market for building well-designed, robust, and reliable suppressors. The suppressor manufacturer also dabbles in making components for the AR-15 platform, such as upper and lower receivers and hand guards. Now, Griffin Armament has jumped into the ever-growing and diverse optics market with the release of the Ideal Carbine Optic and the Griffin Micro Sight. Let’s take a closer look at what these two optics offer.

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BCM Introduces The A/T Riser For Optic/Magnifier Combos

Bravo Company USA (BCM) has long been synonymous with the production of reliable and trusted rifles, earning the confidence of military, law enforcement, and civilian users alike. Expanding their expertise beyond rifles, BCM has ventured into crafting meticulously designed optic mounting systems for enhanced versatility. The A/T Optic Riser, a recent addition to their innovative lineup, stands out as an ideal solution for consolidating red dots, magnifiers, and other optics.

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Swampfox Optics Unveils The New Sentinel II Micro Red Dot

In the dynamic world of optics, one name has been steadily rising to prominence – Swampfox Optics. This youthful optics manufacturer has swiftly captured a significant slice of the optics market by consistently delivering rugged and well-crafted LPVOs, prisms, and red dots, all while maintaining an enticingly competitive price point. Today, Swampfox proudly unveils the latest addition to their ever-expanding lineup, the Sentinel II Micro Dot Sight.

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Aimpoint Announces They Will Be The Supplier Of Red Dots For The New L403A1

Last week, the UK Ministry of Defence announced Knights Armament KS-1 as the winner of the Alternative Individual Weapon System, also known as Project Hunter. The new designation for the KS-1 will be the L403A1. The Alternative Individual Weapon System features three significant elements:(1) the KAC KS-1, (2) the optic system L900A1, and (3) a training system. The Aimpoint will be outfitting the new L403A1 with the ACRO P-2 closed emitter as a part of the optic system for the service rifle.

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Lucid Optics Unveils New E7 Enclosed RDS

Lucid Optics is known for a large variety of different optics. Lucid’s current lineup spans scopes, red dots, a prismatic scope, a spotting scope, and binocular options. Lucid Optics is proud to introduce the E7 enclosed red dot sight. The E7 features an Aimpoint Arco footprint, M5 reticle, and a 50,000-hour battery life.

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Geissele Releases New RDSMicro From Warner & Swasey

Warner & Swasey have a long legacy within the firearms industry. The company produced the scope for the iconic M1903 Springfield that saw use in both World Wars. Geissele Automatics brings back the Warner & Swasey name and introduces a new optic with the RDSMicro MOA3. The new red dot features a 3-MOA red dot, shake awake, 20,000-hour battery life, and integrated backup sights.

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Primary Arms Releases SLx MD-25 Gen 2 With The ACSS Reticle

At Shot Show 2023, Primary Arms unveiled SLx MD-25 with the ACSS reticle. Now, the new red dot is ready for prime time and to provide consumers with an affordable red dot option. The SLx MD-25 Gen II features a 12,000-hour battery life, auto live technology, and 12 illumination settings. The red dot also includes risers and spacers for the end users to find the perfect optic height.

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Shot Show 2023: Holosun Expands Their SCS Pistol lineup with 3 New Entries

At this year’s Shot Show, Holosun has taken the industry event by storm with a strong lineup of optics for your pistol and rifle in 2023. The company also took its first foray into the night vision and thermal markets. At Shot Show, Holosun announced they are expanding the SCS (Solar Charging Sight) lineup with three new entries. The SCS will now be available for the H&K VP9, Walther PDP, and SIG P320. The SIG P320 version will feature an enclosed emitter on a Delta Point Pro footprint.