Christensen Arms is known for making exceptionally well built bolt action rifles for hunting, competition, or tactical environments. Christensen Arms rifles are made with painstaking attention to detail and care. This attention to detail gives consumers a well built, rugged, and accurate rifles. When it comes down to products nowadays from cars to technology, consumers are looking for innovation, modularity, and integration within those products. Now, Christensen Arms has taken that drive for innovation and modularity and created the Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR). The MHR by Christensen gives the end user a modular hunting rifle that can be transformed to fit various different environments and needs.

Modularity In Mind

The engineer and design team at Christensen built the MHR with modularity as the key focus. The new MHR was built off the popular MPR architecture. The difference is the MHR design language and philosophy are geared towards hunters and modularity. Allowing the capability of the rifle to fit diverse roles and environments.

Composite Technology

The MHR buttstock and handguards are made from Christensen Arms new composite technology. Christensen uses chopped up carbon fiber that is fused together in a mold with infrared heat. This Chopped Composite Technology (CCT) allows Christensen Arms more options build wise for the MHR platform and it’s accessories. The CCT will allow the company to make lighter and robust products for the end consumer. The technology allows Christensen a weight reduction of one pound on the MHR chassis.

Modularity On A New Level

As, mentioned before the MHR was designed with modularity and diversity of application in mind. It was designed to give the end user that could adapt to their needs. The MHR will come in a classic hunting rifle configuration. With the MHR you have the ability to change out buttstocks, handguards, and other accessories to achieve a diversity of roles. The new bolt action by Christensen has four different roles it can be broken down into. Those four roles are: Hunting, Precision, Backcountry, and Tactical.

Hunter Series

First up, we have the Hunter series. This will feature a traditional buttstock and receiver seen on normal hunting rifles. Yet, you can adapt this configuration to suit your needs. Thanks to MHR’s modularity. Let’s say you don’t want to run an internal magazine. You could unscrew the bottom plate and remove the internal follower and spring. Then, replace it with an DBM adapter so you can accept AICS pattern magazines. Which will allow for greater round capacity.

Precision Series

Second, is the Precision series. This series gives you a new stock with cheek and length of pull adjustments. A new set of handguards with M-Lok for attachments and a Arca Swiss rail towards the front for mounting to a tripod.

Backcountry Series

Third, offering is the Backcountry series. It offers users a minimalist buttstock with a thin profile. This series also features handguards with M-Lok and a Acra rail.

Tactical Series

Fourth, and the final offering is tactical series. This series features a skeletonized buttstock with cheek and length of pull adjustments. The tactical series also features M-Lok handguards with Arca Swiss compatibility on the front end of the handguard. but with no Arca Swiss rail running throughout the rail.

Other Accessories

The MHR also offers other accessories. The MHR offers two different type of grips: the Sporter and Tactical. The Sporter seems to have a narrow grip angle versus the deeper Tactical grips. Both come in two hand sizes; Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. Users can also choose from different butt pad options.

In the end, every decision on the new MHR was meticulously and deliberately made by Christensen Arms. The MHR gives end users modularity we never thought was possible out of a hunting rifle. Allowing the end user the freedom to adapt their hunting rifle for any role or environment. This type of modularity is unprecedented in a hunting rifle and will drastically change the dynamics of the marketplace.

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