Over the past couple of years the relationship between SIG SAUER and Zev Technologies has continued to grow. This relationship has allowed for some amazing pistols to come to market, specifically the Z320 XCarry and XCompact. Recently, SIG SAUER and Zev Technologies announced their newest collaboration the P226 Zev. This new P226 is built from the ground up by Zev Tech engineers to create a modern interpretation on the iconic SIG P226 pistol.

The new P226 from Zev will feature: an optics ready slide, front and rear slide serrations, a match grade threaded barrel, and three 15-round steel magazines. The new P226 Zev also features a single action only trigger. The original SIG P226 featured a double/single action trigger.

Below, is the product description from SIG on the P226 Zev.

Product Description

The P226 has earned its reputation alongside the U.S. Navy Seals, Federal Agents and numerous military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Exceptional ergonomics and balance make this full-size pistol easy to handle and a pleasure to shoot. Chambered in 9mm, the P226 ZEV is a single-action only (SAO) custom pistol developed with ZEV Technologies to create a truly unique take on the venerable P226 platform. The custom stylized ZEV Tech slide and frame, hreaded barrel, G10 grips and fiber optic front sight set make this P226 as stylish as it is functional. The P226 ZEV comes ready to shoot, equipped with a ROMEO1PRO mounted to the slide and three 15-round steel magazines.

The SIG P226 is an iconic pistol that has been used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The P226 platform was the pistol of choice for Navy Seals for decades, officially known as the P226 MK25. SIG’s pistol has also been seen in movies and television shows as well. The P226 was used by Robert DeNiro in the iconic movie Heat, Daniel Craig in Spectre, and used by Harrison Ford in Air Force One. SIG’s iconic pistol has garnered a reputation within the military and on the sliver screen. Now, Zev Technologies seeks to add to that lineage with a modern interpretation on the iconic P226.

The new P226 Zev is available now on SIG SAUER’s website. The new P226 Zev retails at $2,097.99 MSRP. For more on the P226 Zev or SIG’s other products, click here.

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