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By Drew Bryant
April 18th, 2022,

SOG is known for making quality knives, multitools, every day carry gear at a great price. The company has a famous lineup of fix blade knives that can be used in a tactical, maritime, or outdoor environments. SOG Knives is proud to released the new Recondo FX Tactical Fixed blade knives to the market.

The new Recondo FX knives are cyro treated 440C steel, which is well known for holding a superior edge retention versus other steel. This new 440C steel and its cyro treatment is slowly becoming the industry standard for knife makers. The Recondo FX series of fixed blades also feature a sturdy grip made from GRN/TPU. Ergonomically, SOG designed the knife to give you positive retention when sawing, stabbing, or slicing an object. The Recondo FX blade will feature Black and FDE finishes.

Below, the product description from SOG on the Recondo FX Tactical Fixed Blade knives.

Product Description

A wholly modern fixed-blade duty knife, Recondo FX can trace its warfighter lineage back to the origins of SOG. The overmolded rubberized grip allows for optimal hand grips at all angles in virtually all environments. The full-tang CRYO 440C stainless steel blade has outstanding corrosion and wear resistance. SOG’s UMS-compatible sheath is ambidextrous and provides multiple mounting options and features a tool-less tension adjustment system allowing for the perfect draw. Versatile and adaptable, the whole world serves as Recondo FX’s drop zone.

The new Recondo FX isn’t out just yet. You can sign up for email notification for when it releases on SOG’s website. The new Recondo FX from SOG will retail for $129.95, when it releases. For more on SOG Knives history and their products, click here.

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