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By Drew Bryant
April 18th, 2022,

Zev Core Elite Match Grade Barrel

Over the last few years Zev Technologies has been increasing their market share in the firearms industry. The company has expanded from being the premier aftermarket manufacturer of Glock parts in the industry, to now building complete pistols (OZ.9) and rifles (Core Series). Now, the company is expanding product lineup further with the Zev Core Elite Match Grade Barrels.

The new Core Elite barrels will be available in three different calibers with three different barrel lengths for the AR-15. Zev is also making one Core Elite barrel chambered in the beefy .308. Each barrel will feature Zev’s Bronze PVD coating and is made out of 416R stainless steel. The new barrels will mainly use a mid-length gas system for most of the barrels. The 8.5″ and 10.5″ versions will use shorter carbine length gas systems.

The AR-15 barrels of the Core Elite series will be available in 16″ inch, 10.5″, and 8.5″ inch barrel lengths. Both barrels will feature 1:7 barrel twist rate. The 16″ will feature a mid-length gas system, while the 10.5″ will have a carbine length system. The 300 Blackout version of the barrel be 8.5″ inches and feature a carbine has carbine system. The final AR-10 barrel will be chambered in .308 with an 16″ inch barrel and a mid-length gas system.

The new Core Elite barrels are available now on Zev’s website. Zev’s Core Elite barrels start at $250 for the 300 Blackout version. While the the other two 5.56 barrels retail for $300. Finally, the 16″inch .308 version will retail at $325.

At the time of writing this article inventory numbers are low. So, now would be the time to pull the trigger if you are interested. For more on Zev Technologies and their products, click here.

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