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By Drew Bryant
April 30th, 2022,

Vortex Optics is known for making quality optics and binoculars that can be used for duty, competition or recreation. A little over a month ago, the optics manufacturer released an updated version of their Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm FFP optic. Recently, Vortex has announced the release of three new feature rich and budget friendly laser rangefinders to market. The new Vortex rangefinders come in three different models the Crossfire HD 1400, Diamondback HD 2000, and Viper HD 3000.

Below, is the production description and specs for the three new laser rangefinders.

Product Descriptions

Crossfire 1400

rangefinder for bow and rifle hunters alike, you’ve found it in the Crossfire™ HD 1400. The Crossfire™ HD 1400 has everything you need and nothing you don’t. With a 1,400-yard max range (750 on deer), you get plenty of power to range and, thanks to the HD optical system, you’ll have the power to pick apart any landscape. To match any hunting environment, the Crossfire™ HD 1400 has three target modes (Normal, First, Last) and two ranging modes (HCD and LOS). A red TOLED display keeps the readout clear in any lighting conditions and, at just 4.8 ounces, the Crossfire™ HD 1400 hunts hard and carries light.


• Range Reflective (yards): 1400 yds
• Range Tree (yards): 950 yds
• Range Deer (yards): 750 yds
• Accuracy: + / – 1 yard @ 100 yards
• Max Angle Reading: + / – 89 degrees
• Magnification: 5x
• Objective Lens Diameter: 21 mm
• Linear Field of View: 367 feet/1000 yards
• Angular Field of View: 7 degrees
• Eye Relief: 16 mm
• Length: 4.0 inches
• Width: 1.3 inches
• Weight: 4.8 oz

Diamondback HD 2000

When your hunt means ranging big game at 1,000 yards and beyond, your laser rangefinder needs the horsepower to go long and the toughness to stand up to the field. The Diamondback™ HD 2000 laser rangefinder gives hunters 2,000 yards max range, and 1,400 yards on game. 7x magnification helps you see farther, and an HD optical system means you can pick apart the landscape and stay pinpointed on your quarry. The red OLED display stays clear in low light, and to match any hunting environment, the Diamondback™ HD 2000 has two target modes (Normal and Last), two ranging modes (HCD and LOS), and is tripod adaptable.


• Range Reflective (yards): 2000 yds
• Range Tree (yards): 1800 yds
• Range Deer (yards): 1400 yds
• Accuracy: + / – 1 yard @ 100 yards
• Max Angle Reading: + / – 60 degrees
• Magnification: 7x
• Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
• Linear Field of View: 335 feet/1000 yards
• Angular Field of View: 6.4 degrees
• Length: 4.1 inches
• Width: 1.8 inches
• Weight: 7.6 oz

Viper HD 3000

Open country or in tall timber, precision and speed mean the difference between filling your freezer and tag soup. The Viper® HD 3000 laser rangefinder gives you the tools to act quickly and confidently, with a 3,000-yard max range and a stunning HD optical system that lets you pinpoint big game faster at distance. Four target modes (Normal, First, Last, ELR) and two ranging modes (LOS, HCD) mean you get the flexibility to range any shot on any hunt, making the Viper® HD 3000 perfect for the treestand and the mountains.


• Range Reflective (yards): 3000 yds
• Range Tree (yards): 2300 yds
• Range Deer (yards): 2000 yds
• Accuracy: +/- 1 yard @100 yards
• Max Angle Reading: +/- 89 degrees
• Magnification: 7x
• Objective Lens Diameter: 25 mm
• Linear Field of View: 314 feet @ 1,000 yds
• Angular Field of View: 6 degrees
• Eye Relief: 15.5 mm
• Length: 4.2 inches
• Width: 1.7 inches
• Weight: 9.1 oz

The new Vortex rangefinders offers shooters feature rich and budget friendly options to meet their needs of various budgets. To find out more about Vortex’s new rangefinders, click here.

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