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When it comes to drop in triggers everyone has there favorite brand when it comes to Glock pistols. The popular brands are Agency Arms, Zev Technologies, and Apex Tactical to name a few. We could discuss this day and night like the Kid Cudi song but, we won’t. CMC Triggers is now offering drop in triggers for the Gen 5 Glocks. 

The new CMC Gen 5 trigger comes only with the trigger bar and initially only available in black. Future colors for the trigger shoe coming out down the road. 

Below is what CMC has to say about its new Gen 5 drop in trigger. 

The CMC Glock® replacement trigger is a drop-in unit that improves the trigger’s overall performance while reducing pull weight and exhibiting an ultra-short reset for dynamic follow up shots. Utilizing CMC’s patented “Signature” Flat Trigger design, the shooter’s finger rests in the same position allowing for ultimate trigger control. Designed specifically for Concealed Carry, Military and Law Enforcement users. The CMC Glock® replacement trigger comes with trigger bar only.

The new CMC Gen 5 drop in trigger comes in at an $169 MSRP. Which is in the ballpark for a good drop in trigger. 

What do you think about CMC’s new Glock drop in trigger? Do you think it can compete with the established drop in triggers? Let me know in the comments below. 

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