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By Drew Bryant
May 11th, 2022,

Applied Ballistics is known for being on bleeding edge of information and technology when it comes down to long range precision shooting. Applied Ballistics does copious amounts of research and data gathering to give long range shooters the tools to be successful. At the end of the day, Applied Ballistic is your go-to source for information regrading long range precision shooting. It is only a natural evolution that Applied Ballistics has recently announced a new service called The Science of Accuracy Academy.

Below, is the press release detailing what The Science Of Accuracy Academy has to offer.

Press Release

Applied Ballistics is announcing a new online resource for shooters called The Science of Accuracy Academy. This subscription-based website is launching with nearly 30 podcast episodes, with many more planned, as well as video content, Zoom classes, and much more.

The main goal of the online academy is to adapt and modernize the delivery of content coming from Applied Ballistics. In past years, books, DVDs, and seminars were the primary avenues for delivering information. Modern technology has evolved, and the delivery of information can be done in more efficient ways such as streaming videos, and podcast discussions of book and seminar content. In addition to being a more modern delivery platform, The Science of Accuracy Academy allows for more frequent updates than traditional books and DVDs which can take over a year to disseminate.

Bryan Litz, owner of Applied Ballistics LLC tells us: “I’m very excited about this avenue to share what we’re learning in the Applied Ballistics lab. I think many shooters will benefit from the podcasts, which contain very insightful discussions and can be enjoyed in your car, or as you work. We look forward to publishing more of our research thru the Science of Accuracy Academy”.

You can visit The Science of Accuracy Academy at: The subscription is $9.95/month.

As, the price release stated access to this extensive library of training material will be a monthly subscription of $9.95/month. Which is $5-10 dollars cheaper than most subscription tv services out there. Which definitely makes it a valuable investment for shooters looking to learn more about long range precision shooting. While catering a wealth of knowledge and resources for the experienced shooters.

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