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By Drew Bryant
January 21st, 2023,

Over the past few years, the 2011 platform has seen a rise to fame in the firearm industry. This is mainly due to the success of the Staccato lineup of 2011 pistols and the adoption of the Staccato P by over 250 law enforcement agencies. Now, we have another contender on the market with a new 2011. Type-A rifles are proud to introduce the Type-A EG2011 which was unveiled at this year’s Shot Show.

The new EG2011 sets out to be competitive within the higher-end market of 2011s. The frame is an all-aluminum construction choosing to stay away from the polymer option Staccato introduced a few years back. The new pistol features a 5” inch match grade barrel with a crowned barrel for precise fitment between the slide and barrel. This precise fitment adds a good lock-up and improved accuracy for the pistol. The new 2011 from Type-A also features checkering for the front and rear slide serrations and on the aluminum grip. Which should aid in positive retention when racking the slide and locking in your grip when shooting. Type-A features a proprietary system for the rear sight and mounting a red dot to the EG2011.

Below, are the product release and specs for the new EG2011.

Product Release

Our EG2011 is a modular, two piece frame made up of an aluminum grip with our Iconic TYPE-A checkered pattern texture and a carbon steel frame to give you a smoother shooting platform. It’s equipped with an extended/removable magwell flare to better assist with reloads. We strategically placed a medium/aggressive texturing in the front and rear of the grip module to give you more control and have streamlined the trigger as well to give it a more aggressive stance. Our hand fitted trigger is a crisp 3 1/2 lbs break, making it one of the cleanest triggers out there.

When it comes to performance and accuracy, the EG2011 comes standard with a hand-fitted match grade barrel with polished feed ramp. Our Match grade barrel is also crowned to give it that classic look, making it completely flush with the slide. It’s also equipped with a full dust cover with a 1913 picatinny rail to add weight and mitigate muzzle rise. All of the steel components are Black Nitride and our aluminum components are MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2 Hard Coat Anodized with a durable layer of Cerakote Ceramic Coating to finish it off, giving you an incredibly beautiful finish.

Our 2011 Special Edition Package comes with a Trijicon RMR, Optics Plate, and SureFire X300 as standard, along with an ANR Design LLC Holster and two 20 round magazines. There will only be two color options at this time which are Black and Multi FDE.


Caliber: 9MM

Classification: Pistol

Barrel length: 5″

Optic Options: RMR/SRO

Capacity: 20+1

Action: Single Action

Safety: Ambidextrous Manual Safety

Overall Length: 8.5″

Dust Cover: Full 1913 Picatinny Frame

Trigger: 3 1/2 lbs.

Accessories: Optic, Light Included, & Holste

The new Type-A EG2011 is available now for purchase. The new 2011 from Type-A is made to order and is an inclusive with red dot, weapon light, and holster for $5,674. For more on the EG2011 and their lineup of rifles, click here.

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