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By Drew Bryant
August 25th, 2022,

Yesterday, SIG SAUER notified customers of potential defect that could exist within specific lots of their 115-grain 9mm Elite Ammunition. These lots of ammunition have potential powder charge variations that could cause a squib round. An undiagnosed squib by a shooter can be deadly and can lead to the barrel potentially exploding due to the obstruction. SIG SAUER recalls includes a request to customers to stop immediate use of this lot of 9mm Elite Ammunition.

Below, is the product recall notice from SIG SAUER on the 9mm Elite Ammunition.

Product Recall Notice

SIG SAUER 9MM, 115gr, Elite Ball, FMJ Product Warning and Recall Notice

NEWINGTON, N.H., (August 22, 2022) – Sig Sauer has determined that portions of Lot No. JDAR0815 of SIG SAUER 9MM, 115gr, Elite Ball, FMJ (SKU E9MMB1-50), may have powder charge variations that could result in a bullet remaining in the barrel (i.e., a bullet-in-bore obstruction). Firing a subsequent bullet into a bore obstruction could cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable and subjecting the shooter and bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury.

Ammunition from this lot should be removed from use immediately and segregated from other ammunition until it can be returned to SIG SAUER.


The lot number can be found on the inside flap of the individual boxes of ammunition.


If you possess ammunition from this lot number or have questions concerning this warning, please register for the recall process at and instructions for returning your product will be provided or call Sig Sauer Customer Service at 603-610-3000 (Option 1).

Sig Sauer will provide replacement product and will cover the cost of returning the affected product.

For additional information please refer to the FAQs.

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