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By Drew Bryant
November 7, 2022,

PARD has recently introduced its DS3x series of day/night optics. Externally, the DS3x looks like a standard optic yet internally it boasts several impressive features for the end user. This multifaceted optic by PARD features a ballistic calculator, a 1,200 yard range finder, WiFi connectivity, video recording and an 800 x 800 Circular LTPS display.

Below, is the press release from PARD on the new DS3x series of optics.

Press Release

PARD DS3x series has a multitude of features that many hunters and shooters like to explore. The DS3x is a premium classic day & night scope which features a CMOS 0.001 low lux image sensor with Ultra 2K (2K) and delivers full color and sharper details during the day and during the night. This is a riflescope packed with everything you could want in an optic. If you’re looking for a hunting scope that has high-quality optics, multiple reticle options, and can handle both daylight and nighttime conditions, this is your perfect choice!

Looks classic, with a unique view

The DS3x has a traditional day scope exterior and features an ultra-clear display for a truly immersive viewing experience in all weather conditions. The DS3x fits on standard 30mm ring mounts, providing rich contrasted images and allowing daytime operation like a traditional glass optical scope. When you look through the DS3x, you get a unique view. Viewing feels more natural like you are viewing from a traditional day scope. The DS3x series uses an 800*800 LTPS circular display. This new technology has been developed to be more sensitive, more accurate and provide a clearer image than ever before. You get an ultra-clear display with incredibly vibrant colors that are easy to see even at long distances. It features multi-color modes and can be used in both daylight conditions as well as in low light settings. To provide you with a better user experience, the new industry-leading UI is simple and easy to use providing simple and easy observation. Within the viewfinder, basic parameters are placed on both sides of the screen, with the middle area maximized so that users can see their targets. The home screen display shows information about your scope and environment such as magnification, IR light, range, gyroscope, profiles, battery, WiFi, compass, and time. Using a shortcut key function, you can turn on or off the home screen icons. The lens cap was designed based on the pinhole theory, so that when it gets too bright during the day, you can use the lens cap as a shed and then open the small hole. When observing different targets at different distances, there is no need to refocus the scope

Hunt better, hunt smarter

The DS3x was designed to meet the needs of hunters and professional shooters. Accuracy and shot placement are of paramount importance when you are on the hunting field. Shoot your targets with ease and accuracy by using the built-in ballistic calculator. The integrated ballistic calculator can calculate bullet trajectory parameters such as velocity, bullet weight, and zero range. The advanced technology helps you to improve your accuracy by calculating precise aiming points for your next shot placement. Hunt smarter and experience precise target ranges using the 1000m laser range finder. The newly developed compact ranging module is precise and has fast detection speed. When paired with integrated ballistics, the LRF gives you the range information you need at night to hunt smarter. The DS3x features an extremely sensitive CMOS 0.001 low lux image sensor that allows you to adjust the magnification of your target with extreme accuracy. The scope performs well in low light and delivers high-resolution images in extremely dark conditions. Combined with a direction-adjustable IR illuminator, which helps in target identification and is ideal for spotting and navigation. A clear and sharp image is produced by the long eye relief which allows you to see the target clearly from 20mm up to 300mm from the scope. There is enough room for recoil, ensuring safe shooting. There is a rubber eyepiece included in the box to provide concealed observation at night.

Innovative zeroing and intuitive features

Zeroing is indeed a time-consuming and sometimes complicated process for beginner shooters. The DS3x introduces a new feature called “image shift zero” which is an innovative and easy way to zero your scope. The image will shift to align with the impact point instead of shifting the position of the reticle. The crosshairs will always remain fixed in the center, allowing you to use the entire field of view. There are 6 reticles to choose from that you can display in a choice of 3 colors. There are five zeroing profiles, which allow you to personalize the profiles and use the scope on multiple rifles or zero your scope at different distances. The precise front focus lever allows you to quickly achieve a crisp image of your target, while the buttons and control knob was designed for easy operation in low light or while wearing gloves. What makes the DS3x easy to use is the intuitive control knob that offers flexible menu control. The control knob is very fast and in a very convenient spot with fast rotation and slow rotate features. You can quickly change between functions. You can easily adjust ballistic data values to obtain high-value figures in seconds. This is an innovative way to navigate the menu and adjust values. You don’t need to worry about missing a thrilling hunting moment, turn on the self-activated recording feature and leave the rest up to your scope. The self-activated recording mode allows you to capture videos sensed from recoil without interrupting your game or hunt.

Rugged & Versatile

The DS3x is recoil tested to withstand 6000J of force and operate in temperatures from -5° to 120°. The IP factor rating is at an industry-leading IP67, providing security in a variety of harsh outdoor environments such as wet and moist weather and snow for operational reliability. The scope is powered by a 18650 removable/rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hours of use. The DS3x is designed to meet demands that vary from situation to situation. The 50/70mm optional objective lens is widely used to suit the different needs of hunters on the field. The 50mm lens brings a wide field of view and is suitable for searching, and the 70mm lens has a larger magnification and better target recognition. Built-in WiFi allows you to connect to your phone, PC, or tablet as an external viewfinder, and you can transfer images and videos instantly on the go.

The new DS3x is available now for purchase from PARD’s website. The DS3x will retail for $1,059 MSRP but is currently discounted to $999 MSRP.

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