By Drew Bryant
November 12, 2022,

Parker Mountain Machine (PMM) is well known within the firearms community for making great slides, barrels, and comps Glock and SIG pistols. The company also makes aftermarket firearm components for Walther, Beretta, FN, and other major companies. Now, PMM has recently released its first custom-built Glock pistol–the PMM G45.

The new custom-built G45 from PMM was designed from the ground up with functionality at the forefront while still having style in spades. What PMM was able to produce was an impressive pistol with rugged relatability and devilish good looks.

Parker Mountain Machine’s G45 features aggressive front and rear slide serrations, a custom cut Gen 5 PMM micro comp, a match grade barrel, RMR or Aimpoint Acro footprint for your optic, and a 360 stipple package. The PMM G45 also comes with three 17-round Glock magazines to round off the package. You can also add a Trijicon RMR, Aimpoint Arco, or a Surefire X300b Turbo.

Below, are the product description and features for the PMM G45.

Product Description

The Design behind the PMM G45 was to take our function-first mindset and bring in a pleasing aesthetic that follows that adage. The final product is a pistol with an aggressive grip that is a tool for deliberate manipulation. The PMM G45 is the same footprint as a Glock 17, this means it will fit in any holster made for a 17 including Safariland duty holsters. We are offering these full builds with optional add-ons with the Surefire X300b TURBOS as well as an option to add a Trijicon RMR or Aimpoint Acro P2 to make this a fully built duty-style gun right out of the box. We have taken this existing footprint and removed 30% of the muzzle rise with data to back it up. This means faster follow-up shots and receiving more information between each sight picture. Although we took the time to make this package visually appealing, by no means is this meant to sit in a safe or get likes on social media. This is meant to be used as a tool, a tool that will not fix issues on the shooter side or do the work for you. Guns are made to get scuffs…none of that matters, use your guns and earn that wear and become better at what you do.


This is a full custom build ready to get beat up out of the box.

• Custom Cut Gen 5 Micro comp to match the slide

• Custom slide serrations

• BLACK DIAMOND-LIKE CARBON (DLC) finish on Comp, Barrel, and Slide.

• Optic cut for Trijicon RMR/SRO IDRS or Irons forward Aimpoint Acro

• OEM slide internals are retained for reliability.

• Co-Witness sights (type will be determined by optic cut)

• 360 stipple package, Stippled ready to accept Edgar Sherman Design Magwell

• Options to add a Surefire X300b TURBO and Trijicon RMR or Aimpoint Acro P2
Comes with (3) Glock 17-round mags

The PMM G45 looks like a great option in the highly competitive custom-built Glock market. The new G45 from PMM retails between $1,799- $2,698 MSRP depending on your build choices. For more on the PMM G45 click here.

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