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By Drew Bryant
November 11, 2022,

Correction on 11/12/2022 @ 8:04 am PST: Originally stated the Law Tactical ARIC was currently sold out. That information is incorrect. The ARIC will go on sale on 11/14/2022 on Brownells’ website.

Law Tactical is known within the firearm community for its popular side-folding mechanism for AR-15. The Law Tactical folder makes your rifle much more compact and creates easier transportation options for you on the go. The only drawback to this system was that you would have to deploy the stock to be able to fire your rifle. Part of the rifle’s cycle of operation is conducted inside the buffer tube through the interaction of your bolt with the recoil spring and buffer. Now, Law Tactical has created a solution for this with their new AR Internal Carrier (ARIC). This new bolt carrier group from Law Tactical features a heavily modified and shortened BCG with two recoil springs that cycle within the upper receiver, allowing you to fold the AR-15 and still shoot.

The Law Tactical AR Internal carrier is available in two different versions: ARIC-C and ARIC-M. The ARIC-C is designed for unsuppressed while the ARIC-M can be shot suppressed and both can shoot .223 REM and .300 Blackout as well. The Law Tactical ARIC is completely user serviceable and can be disassembled without any tools. Law suggests using Geissele, Larue, LMT triggers, and more to use with the ARIC. Law does not recommend using the ARIC system with binary or forced reset triggers.

Below, is the product description for Law Tactical’s ARIC bolt carrier group.

Product Description

The Law Tactical ARIC (AR Internal Carrier) is a drop in conversion for AR15-type direct impingement firearms that replaces the traditional Bolt Carrier Group, Recoil Spring, and Buffer. Firearms equipped with ARIC and Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapters can be fired repeatedly in both the folded and unfolded position, expanding the mission profile of the AR15.

Once installed, ARIC does not require any tools for removal, reinstallation, cleaning, maintenance, or conversion. Each component can be field stripped, inspected, or replaced without tools. Maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of the AR system.

ARs can be converted between ARIC and standard BCGs and recoil components without tools, maintaining compatibility with standard AR15 components, and enhancing the AR’s capabilities while maintaining interoperability.

The new Law Tactical will be available Monday on Brownells’ website. The new ARIC will retail for $389.99 MSRP.

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