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By Drew Bryant
November 12, 2022,

When building a rifle rail space becomes an important commodity, especially when mounting a low-powered variable optic (LPVO). That precious rail space is essential if you are looking to add a secondary aiming device with your LPVO. Strike Industries (SI) has recently released its new ASM Ring Cap as a multi-optic mounting solution for your LPVO. The new mounting solution from SI allows you to mount red dots, IR devices, and laser range finders to the front ring of your SI Adjustable Scope Mount. Let’s take a closer look at Strike’s new multi-optic mounting system.

The ASM Ring Cap is compatible with common red dot mounting footprints such as RMR, DeltaPoint Pro, Docter, and Shield. You will also have the ability to attach a Picatinny rail which will allow you to add a laser range finder or place an IR device of your choice on top.

Below, is the product description of the ASM Ring Cap from Strike Industries.

Product Description

The Strike ASM Ring Cap Multi-Optic Mount System is a drop-in add-on for the SI Adjustable Scope Mount (ASM) that gives you almost endless mounting possibilities for just about all Mini/Micro Red Dot Sight (MRDS) footprints on the market or Picatinny rail for mounting IR devices, ranging equipment or any Picatinny based accessories. When you want to enhance your Strike Industries ASM by running a dual optic setup and have a close distance MRDS paired with a Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO) scope, this Strike ASM Ring Cap Mount is an accessory that does not force you to pick only one red dot you have to stick with forever. The included multi-optic plate or Picatinny rail can be mounted at 12 o’clock or 45-degree right or left positions to customize exactly for the specific user. With fitment for almost all MRDS’ on the market, the Strike ASM Ring Cap Multi-Optic Mount System gives you a simple and modular just about all-in-one solution to upgrade the functionality of the Strike Industries Adjustable Scope Mount (ASM).

The ASM Ring Cap can only be used on Strike’s Adjustable Scope Mount. The ASM Ring Cap retails for $69.95 on Strike’s website.

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