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By Drew Bryant
November 16, 2022,

Grey Man Tactical (GMT) is known for making modular accessories for easy and organized storage of firearms in case, at your home, or inside your vehicle. Recently, Grey Man Tactical has expanded its lineup of the Rigid MOLLE Panel series with the new UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack. The new gun rack by GMT is specifically designed and customized for UTVs and hunters. The UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack comes with all the hardware needed to mount two rifles along with a few additional accessories for stowing away extra gear and equipment.

The new UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack will help you keep all your gear organized and secured when driving around on trails or rough terrain when hunting. The gun rack is made from 3/16” aluminum and finished with a powder coat for increased durability in inclement and adverse weather conditions.

Below, below is the press release for the new UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack from Grey Man Tactical.

Press Release

Lafayette, LA – Grey Man Tactical™ introduces the ultimate UTV storage solution that allows for rapid deployment and ease of transportation with the all-new #701 UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack – 15.25 X 25 RPMX™ Package.

Whether hunting hogs, checking fence lines, working the ranch, or simply patrolling property, the #701 UTV Package gets the job done. The days of gear bouncing around the bed are over.

The RMPX™ is made from 3/16″ aluminum with a powder-coated finish for increased durability while driving off-road.

This package comes with two Rifle Rack – Rubber Clamps, allowing two firearms to be mounted or any additional gear needed for the outing.

The #701 UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack – 15.25 X 25 RMPX™ Package contents include:

QTY 2 – 15.25 X 25 RMPX

QTY 2 – Rifle Rack – Rubber Clamps

QTY 1 – Large Utility Pouch

QTY 1 – RMP Fastening Kit™ – Self-Drilling Screws + Nylon Spacers [Qty 8 total screws + spacers]

QTY 4 – Hook & Loop Cinch Straps – 12″ [Qty 8 total cinch straps]


Rifle Rack – Rubber Clamps compatible with most rifles and shotguns.
Adjustable Hook & Loop Cinch Straps provide universal mounting options for UTVs.
Self Drilling screws and nylon spacers mounted to roll bars by drilling through the RMPX™

The UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack by Grey Man Tactical is currently available on their website and retails for $579.99 MSRP. The gun rack includes all the parts and accessories mentioned in the press release. For more information on the UTV Gun Rack or other offerings from Grey Man Tactical, click here.

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