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By Drew Bryant
November 20, 2022, theloadout.com

Famous Youtube streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as Dr. Disrespect, has officially released his bourbon brand, Black Steel Bourbon to the world. For the uninitiated, Beahm is the genius behind the video game personality known as Dr. Disrespect. The doctor is best known for his stellar gameplay, comedic timing, and intense commentary, on battle royale titles such as PBUG and Call Of Duty:Warzone. The larger-than-life Dr. Disrespect currently has over 4 million YouTube subscribers.

On Thursday, the Official Black Steel Bourbon Twitter account posted a video introducing the Two-Time’s Bourbon to the world.

The promotional video starts with Dr. Disrespect reminiscing on his gaming accolades and funniest streaming moments throughout the years. Slowly, the camera fades to black, now we are in a luxurious study with Beahm in a suit pouring a glass of Black Steel Bourbon. This is a rare moment to see Beahm out of his Dr. Disrespect persona. Taking off his mullet and sunglasses to promote his new bourbon. In classic Dr. Disrespect fashion, Beahm explains that he can’t tell people how to win, he can only tell what winning tastes like.

Screenshot from promotional video

This promotional video has allowed two-time to sell out of his new bourbon in record time. Only a couple hours after its official release and promotional tweet, the company tweeted again to inform the community it had sold out of its first batch.

Black Steel Bourbon is sold out on their website. During the initial release, the volume was so high of people trying to secure a bottle of the bourbon that the website crashed. Dr. Disrespect posted a tweet about the website crashing.

Black Steel Bourbon was also listed for sale on Reserve Bar. It is currently sold out there as well. At the time of writing this article.

Bottled at 93 proof, Black Steel bourbon retails at $64.99 MSRP.

Here is what Black Steel has to say about its bourbon from the website.

About Black Steel

Photo from Black Steel’s Twitter Account

Black Steel was born from a deep-rooted love of bourbon and an unrelenting desire for better, more interesting, and maybe even some lighthearted insanity.

It takes a bit of madness to push for the evolution of a category that celebrates unchanging tradition. Enter Guy Beahm, the man behind the unapologetic gaming legend Dr. Disrespect. With his competitive streak, bourbon obsession, and implacable drive for the best and only the best, consider it his destiny to create the most delectable bourbon designed for a newer, wilder whiskey drinker. Guy recruited an award-winning Master Distiller together with a world-renowned distillery in Kentucky to bring his dream to life.

And so, Black Steel has arrived. Traditional Kentucky craft with a refreshing take on what it means to be a Bourbon.

Taste what winning feels like.”

Black Steel Bourbon Tasting Notes

Screenshot from promotional video

Black Steel is enveloped with notes of sweet grain, charred wood, green apple, vanilla bean, and citrus peel. It’s a creamy, body-trembling profile that whispers slightly in your ear “we belong together.” Crack the seal and take it for a ride.

Last November, Dr. Disrespect started to tease Black Steel Bourbon to watchers of his streams and the Champions Club. Black Steel Bourbon is distilled by Marianne Eaves, the first female master distiller since Prohibition. Evaes brings her knowledge as a Master Distiller with a renowned Distillery in Kentucky. Dr. Disrespect brings violence, speed, and momentum, together hopefully these two forces can create a great bourbon.

For a timeline of Dr. Disrespect’s teases about Black Steel Bourbon, check out the Whiskey Raiders story they published in May, Everything We Know About Dr. Disrespect’s Upcoming Bourbon Brand.

What do you think about Dr. Disrespect’s new Black Steel Bourbon? Let us know in the comments below.

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