By Drew Bryant
November 24, 2022,

The Special Projects Division of Meridian Defense Corporation (MDC) has unveiled the newest addition to their 7 Deadly Sins series of custom AKs with Gluttony. Let’s take a closer look at MDC’s newest sin that looks to fulfill people’s ravenous hungry for custom-built AKs.

Gluttony by Meridian Defense is a customized AK from the ground up. The newest sin is a modern take on the antiquated design and simple features of the original AK platform. The Gluttony features an MDC 14.5” barrel, MDC gas block/front sight post, 9.7” SLR Rifleworks handguards paired with a railed gas tube, MDC BD-2 Keymo Muzzle Brake or Flashider. Moving to the receiver you have a Magpul SL-S stock with an AR buffer tube threaded into an MDC BTA buffer tube rear trunnion. Gluttony also features a US Palm pistol grip, custom-length Magpul MVG vertical grip, side scope rail, a tuned ALG Defense AKT-EL trigger, with a black Cerakote finish. To make the deal a little fatter and sweeter Gluttony comes with (4) 30-round AC Unity 5.56 AK magazines.

Below, is the product description from Meridian Defense on their newest sin…Gluttony.

Product Description

Gluttony is the 2nd Sin in our 7 Sins series.

Chambered in 5.56×45, the “Gluttony” Rifle has our custom 14.5 inch 5.56×45 Black Nitride barrel thread in 1/2″-28. This rifle is paired with your choice of our New BD2-K Keymo Brake or FH5-K Keymo Flash hider. We used a 9.7-inch SLR ION Mlok handguard & gas tube, then fitted a custom-tuned ALG AKT-EL fire control group to provide the end user with a smoother and shorter trigger pull. We have added our custom M4 buffer tube rear trunnion (BTA) that is machined out of 4140 steel, giving it a rock-solid attachment point for the Magpul SL-S stock.

Only a lucky few will acquire this Rifle upon its release!

Features & Spec

• 5.56x45mm NATO
• MDC 14.5″ Black Nitrided barrel (1:7 twist)
• MDC BD2-K Keymo Micro Brake or FH5-K Keymo Flash Hider
• MDC- BTA Buffer tube trunnion
• Magpul SL-S stock
• Custom Tuned ALG-AKT Trigger
• SLR Rail system & gas tube
• US Palm Grip
• Black Cerakote Finish
• Optic & RS Regulate mount NOT included
• 4 AC Unity 5.56 Ak magazines included
• Custom length Magpul MVG foregrip

The Gluttony will be available for order on Black Friday. If you are curious about purchasing one you have your chance tomorrow. Gluttony by Meridian Defense Corporation retails for $3,199 MSRP. For more from Meridian Defense rifles and Gluttony, click here.

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