By Drew Bryant
December 15th, 2022,

Last month, Parker Mountain Machine (PMM) released its first custom-built pistol to the world with the PMM G45. Now, PMM is poised to release its second custom-built pistol in the form of the PMM Tardigrade. The Tardigrade is built off the popular SIG P320 platform.

The new custom-built Tardigrade took the lessons learned and proven design experience from PMM to create an unrivaled P320 experience. Giving the end user a well-balanced, compensated, and reliable pistol.

The Tardigrade from PMM features aggressive front and rear slide serrations, a match-grade barrel with a custom-designed comp, and comes optics ready with a Gray Guns competition trigger kit. All on top of a TXG frame with an aggressive stipple package with a flared magwell to add in reloads. To round out the package PMM includes two 21-round magazines. Owners of the Tardigrade have the option to add on an Arco P-2, RMR, or SRO.

Below, are the product description and features for the PMM Tardigrade.

Product Description

When picking a name for this pistol, the team at PMM wanted something that portrayed the use case of our P320 creation. We made the decisions for this pistol based on hard use and enduring performance. The water bear or Tardigrade is one of the most resilient creatures our planet and beyond has seen.

The Tardigrade is the next evolution of our X-Comp pistol from previous years. Starting from a blank slide we wanted to offer a simple function mixed with our own look offering a design at the front end that is similar to our best-selling comps, profiling the slide in a way that utilizes a winged comp helps blend the two for a more seamless look as well as the function of a captured design. The comp has seen many iterations in testing over the years and with some port geometry changes, we can squeeze a small amount of performance out over our standard ultra comps by changing port angles and efficiency.

With the new slide and comp had to come to a new grip texture to fit the Tardigrade name. This is the most aggressive grip we have done to the point it may be too much for some. We wanted to offer the highest amount of grip possible that can always be dulled by the shooter to preference.

Tardigrade component breakdown:

• PMM machined “builder” slide in DLC finish (RMR, SRO, or Acro cuts offered)*

• New Comp only available on these builds

• New and improved in-house P320 barrel

• Aggressive stipple package on TXG frame with magwell

• PMM assembled and polished FCU with Gray Guns comp trigger kit

• 2x 21-round magazines

• Vault by Pelican case with custom
Tardigrade logo plate

• Optional RMR, SRO, or Acro P2 with the sale (Please note, the Acro P2 will ONLY be available to those who choose the Acro Optic cut. If you purchase the P2 without the Acro Cut slide, it will be canceled).

*RMR and SRO are the same cut but require different height front sights and will come cut at the rear of the slide with our IDRS rear sight. All Acro cuts will be irons forward with Dawson Precision black sights.

All Tardigrade pistols will come test-fired and will show signs of that, it’s a gun not an art piece for Instagram.
if optics are purchased with the pistol they will be installed and zeroed.

The Tardigrade will be available on PMM’s website tomorrow at 10 am EST. Parker Mountain Machine’s Tardigrade retails for $2,499.99 MSRP. If you add a red dot sight or weapon light jump the price to over $3,000.

For more on the Tardigrade and other products from PMM, click here.

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