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The Oracle Arms 2311: Initial Assessment & First Shots

On Range Day, I got hands-on with the highly anticipated 2311 from Oracle Arms. The company looks to provide a new modular twist on the 1911/2011 platform. The 2311 from Oracle Arms takes the functionality of a 1911 and the modularity of SIG P320 and unites them together. Let’s take a closer look at Oracle Arms 2311 and see if it can potentially shake up the 2011 market.

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Shot Show 2023: TYPE-A Releases EG2011 Pistol

Over the past few years, the 2011 platform has seen a rise to fame in the firearm industry. This is mainly due to the success of the Staccato lineup of 2011 pistols and the adoption of the Staccato P by over 250 law enforcement agencies. Now, we have another contender on the market with a new 2011. Type-A rifles are proud to introduce the Type-A EG2011 which was unveiled at this year’s Shot Show.


Discovering Atlas Gunworks And Their Amazing 2011s

Discovering Atlas Gunworks and their amazing products has been an awesome experience. I had never heard of Atlas before shooting their 2011s at Pro Gun Club in Henderson the Day before Shot Show began. Overtime I became to realize Atlas makes the premier 2011s on the market. Period. Read more to find out why.