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By Drew Bryant
March 13th, 2023,

Maxim Defense is known for manufacturing high-quality firearms, suppressors, and ammunition. The firearm manufacturer has just announced a partnership with the folks over at Firearm Policy Coalition (FPC). Firearm Policy Coalition is a prominent Second Amendment advocacy group that goes to Washington, D.C., and to court to fight against the erosion of our rights to keep and bear arms in this nation. This partnership is only natural since Maxim’s lineup features AR Pistols and PCCs that might end up as illegal SBRs if the Federal Registry accepts the ATF’s new ruling.

Below is the press release from Maxim Defense on its partnership with Firearm Policy Coalition.

Press Release

St. Cloud, Minnesota – Maxim Defense Industries, premier manufacturer of precision firearms, suppressors, ammunition, and accessories, announced that it has joined forces with Firearms Policy Coalition to challenge the ATF’s recently published rulemaking regarding the pistols equipped with stabilizing braces. On February 21st FPC and Maxim filed a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction in Mock v. Garland.

“Our history is linked to the Pistol Stabilization Brace,” said Michael Windfeldt, Founder of Maxim Defense. “Since then, we have been producing the most innovative AR pistol products in the market.”

In declaring that brace-equipped pistols are, in fact, short-barreled rifles under the National Firearms Act, the ATF’s new Pistol Brace Rule reverses nearly a decade of guidance as to the classification of pistols equipped with pistol braces, like those produced and sold in the hundreds of thousands by Maxim Defense.

“The recent ATF Pistol Brace Rule creates additional difficulty for an already burdened industry,” said Windfeldt. “This challenges us all. Everyone recognizes how important it is for lawful firearm owners to have a voice, and Maxim is committed to fighting for our rights.”

These rules affect not only our Second Amendment rights but also jeopardize thousands of American jobs. We urge you to join us in our fight by supporting organizations like the Firearms Policy Coalition and speaking with your state and local representatives, asking them to help remove this attack on our rights.

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The FPC is always fighting for our rights to keep and bear arms and to stop the erosion of our constitutional rights. The firearm advocacy group works on many cases throughout the U.S. If you want to track them, head to their website. To find out more about the products that Maxim Defense sells, click the link above.

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