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By Drew Bryant
April 9th, 2023,

Starting this month, Anderson Manufacturing will release Special Edition Builder Sets with a custom Cerakote finish. Each month Anderson will collect pre-orders for the Special Edition sets and release them the following month. Grit City Cerakote will do the Cerakote work out of Tumwater, WA.

Below is the press release from Anderson Manufacturing on the builder sets.

Press Release

Anderson Manufacturing will work with Grit City Cerakote to fulfill Special Edition Builder Sets with exclusive designs monthly.

HEBRON, KY – April 3 will mark the beginning of a more colorful era for Anderson Manufacturing and customers alike as the highly touted manufacturer announces their first design, A-Palms, in their Anderson Cerakote Series. This series will be available on Anderson’s website at and give consumers an opportunity to stake their claim on Special Edition Anderson Builder Sets. These Special Edition Builder Sets will feature a new design or pattern monthly, once the month is finished and orders are fulfilled, these designs will not be duplicated.

The Anderson Cerakote Series will be pre-order only, with order fulfillment beginning on the first day of the following month. The A-Palms design will be AM-15 platform specific but Anderson has plans to include their Kiger, AM-9 and AM-10 models in the Cerakote series as well. The A-Palms Builder Set will include an AM-15 Multi-Cal Receiver Set, 15’’ Free-Float Handguard (MLOK compatibility, barrel nut and hardware included), ejection port cover, trigger guard, end plate, castle nut and buffer tube.

The Anderson Cerakote Series is another key component in Anderson’s mission to diversify their established product line. According to Marketing Director, Nathan Deters, adding Cerakote to Anderson’s product line has a multitude of advantages not only in the creative space but also in utility. “Cerakote serves as a buffer between the firearm and the elements they face daily while also adding that desired aesthetic, whether it be tactical, fun, elegant, etcetera, the opportunities are abundant and we’re excited to bring it to our customers,” Deters said.

For more information on the Anderson Cerakote Series, please visit

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