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By Drew Bryant
April 23rd, 2023,

Nightforce Optics is well-known within the industry for making high-quality, reliable, and rugged scopes for competition and tactical use. Nightforce recently announced a new reticle to its lineup, the MOA-XT reticle. The new reticle is designed for quick holdovers for shooters familiar with MOA versus MILS. The new MOA-XT reticle is available in NX8 and ATACR series of optics.

Below is the press release from Nightforce regarding the new MOA-XT reticle.

Press Release

All photos are from TFB website

Orofino, ID, U.S. – (April 14, 2023) Nightforce Optics is excited to announce the latest in Minute of Angle (MOA) reticles, the MOA-XT. The MOA-XT is designed to provide the same shooting experience as Nightforce’s popular MIL-XT reticle.

Many MOA reticles lack common features of modern milliradian (MRAD) based reticles. The MOA-XT provides a grid of holdover points below the main stadia, allowing shooters to compensate for both windage and elevation. The floating center dot provides a fine aiming point for precise shots. The main stadia includes 1 MOA marks with labels every 2 MOA to ensure clear shooting references in hasty or stressful engagements. The grid consists of an array of horizontal dots that are broken up by a bold dot every 4 MOA for fast counting. Throughout the reticle, reference numbers are alternated in size to provide confidence and speed of engagement at any magnification. In combination, these features allow for faster long-range shooting and more precise holds.

Over the last few years, improvements in the precision of hunting firearms and ammunition and the growth of shooting disciplines like NRL Hunter created a need for reticles with improved holdover shooting capability. Our goal was to give MOA shooters all the features required for these new shooting challenges, without switching to an MRAD reticle. The MOA-XT reticle brings the holdover capabilities and intuitive labeling of our most popular MRAD reticle for field shooting, the MIL-XT, while maintaining MOA graduations. .” said Chad Van Brunt, the Director of Marketing and Product Management for Nightforce Optics.

The MOA-XT reticle is Nightforce’s solution for hunters, competitors, and all shooters who
require the versatility of a holdover-style reticle and prefer a minute of angle scope. Riflescopes
are available in the following models.
– ATACRTM 7-35×56 F1
– ATACRTM 5-25×56 F1
– ATACRTM 4-20×50 F1
– ATACRTM 4-16×42 F1
– NX8TM 4-32×50 F1
– NX8TM 2.5-20×50 F1

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