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By Drew Bryant
June 4th, 2023,

Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a well-known company that makes cleaners, solvents, and lubricants for your rifle, pistol, and shotgun. The company prides himself in making non-toxic, biodegradable, yet strong cleaners, solvents, and lubricants for your firearms. Now, Breakthrough is looking to apply that same methodology to cleaning your suppressor. Breakthrough Clean Technologies is proud to introduce their Suppressor Cleaner.

The new Breakthrough Suppressor Cleaner gives suppressors owners another option to maintenance their suppressors besides the popular one of dropping your suppressor into an ultrasonic cleaner or manually removing carbon with good old CLP and elbow grease. This cleaner can be used in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaner to get a more effective clean.

Below are the product description and product features for Breakthrough’s Suppressor Cleaner.

Product Description

The Breakthrough® Clean Suppressor Cleaner is a water-based, ammonia-free, cleaner that removes heavy carbon and lead deposits. Utilizing a proprietary blend of chemical surfactants and detergents, Suppressor Cleaner effectively works to neutralize all corrosive residues preventing damaging rust and corrosion without etching or harming your suppressor. With no noxious fumes or hazardous chemicals, Suppressor Cleaner is a safe and effective choice when it comes to removing stubborn carbon & lead build-up in your suppressor.

Product Features

• Removes carbon & lead deposits, reducing the duration of cleaning & frequency between cleanings

• Petroleum & ammonia-free with short term rust & corrosion prevention

• Suppressor safe & 100% biodegradable

• Virtually odorless & non-flammable

• Made in the US

The new Suppressor Cleaner from Breakthrough Clean Technologies is available on their website. There are three different size options for the new suppressor cleaner includes a 16oz option for $29.99, 32oz for $42.99, and a one gallon option for $105.99.

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