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Red Arrow Weapons Releases The New RAW15

Recently, Red Arrow Weapons released their new rifle the RAW15. Red Arrow Weapons is a firearms manufacturer based out of Virginia and started by renown hunter and outdoorsman Kip Campbell. Mr. Campbell hosts the multi-network TV show Red Arrow. The new RAW15 from Red Arrow features a 16” inch barrel with free floating Handguard, a CMC trigger, an aggressive muzzle device, along with Magpul furniture to round it out.

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Century Arms Releases New MP5 Clone—Meet The AP5

The HK MP5 is one of the most recognized and iconic firearms ever produced. Over the last couple of decades MP5 clones have thrived in the United States market with popular clones from names like Omega and Zenith. This is due to HK not selling a civilian compliant MP5 until the reintroduction with HK SP5. Now, Century Arms introduces their own MP5 clone with the AP5 (Apparatus Pistol).