Good morning, everyone. Welcome to The Rundown. This is where I will let you know what content is on the horizon. I will also use the Rundown to break down news, stories, and other topics that allow for big analysis. I am putting together a content plan slowly but surely so everything flows to the blog smoothly. So that is the basis of the rundown.

On the Horizon

So, what do I have on the Horizon? I have a weapons ID post coming soon. I am between a few different weapons. I am currently between a M60 medium machine gun, the iconic AK-47, or a M-16 rifle. So, You will see a weapons ID on one of those weapons coming to the blog soon. If you have any weapons you would like for me to write an weapons ID post on let me know. Drop your request in the comments.

Next, I am looking to doing a Snapshot opinion piece on a few things I have on my mind. I don’t know what I will choose yet. My mind is always moving at a mile a minute. A lot of things pass through my mind on a giving day. So, I have to lock down the thoughts and pick an topic of focus. So, look for a snapshot post on that.

Finally, I will look into writing a post on a interesting news article that I find this week. I already have a couple in mind that I want to touch upon but, I have to do my due diligence and research the article inside and out.

So, that is what is on the horizon for the blog. Keep your eyes out for future content. Thanks for all your initial support for this blog. Every follower matters to me.

Thanks for Reading

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