On April 24th I saw a post on LWRC’s Instagram page about a new SMG that the company was bringing to market. The news completely took me by surprise. I went on the hunt for information and only came out with very little about LWRC’s new SMG. It was shadows of information about it from 2015 and 2016 Shot Show and that was about it. After that it seems like LWRC did a great job of keeping the design of this SMG under wraps. 

The NRA Annual was happening that Friday in Indianapolis. Using my Sherlock Holmes-esque deduction skills, I assumed it was making its debut at NRAAM. I only had to wait and see until the Annual Meeting on that Friday.

Low and behold the NRAAM hits and I begin seeing Instagram posts and firearms websites discussing the new SMG-45 by LWRC. My Sherlock Holmes-esque deduction skills I used were correct my dear Waston. Information was scarce so waited to learn more. I believe the dust has settled and information has become concrete for LWRC’s new SMG-45. 

Here is the Rundown. 

The LWRC SMG-45 was in development for 4 years and went through many design iterations. There are two versions of the SMG for pistol caliber carbine market. It appears that one SMG-45 will have a folding tubular buttstock and the second version will be rocking an SB Tactical folding stock. The SMG-45 will be shooting .45 ACP and taking HK’s UMP magazines. A potential bonus if you already own a UMP-45. Down the road, LWRC will be making conversion kits for the SMG-45 in .40 caliber and 9mm for consumers looking for a preferred caliber. 

Now, let’s get down and dirty and talk some specs here.

• SMG-45 is running a delayed blowback system

• LWRC’s 9-inch Rail System 

• LWRC’s Skirmish Back up Iron Sights 

• 8.5-inch threaded Spiral Fluted NICCOR Treated Barrel 

•LWRC’s high-efficiency flash hider

• Ambidextrous charging handle 

• Fully ambidextrous lower receiver 

• The enhanced fire control group 

• Adjustable 2-positon gas block 

•Magpul MOE+ Grip

• Caliber .45 ACP 

• Full auto version: 650 rpm 

• MSRP $2999

That’s pretty much about it everyone when it comes down to LWRC’s foray into the SMG market. I believe LWRC has a winner on their hands. It’s just that price point that will be sticky point for some consumers at $2,999 MSRP. I am going to reach to LWRC and see if I can grab a review model to give you my first impressions and review. 

For more on the LWRC SMG-45 here is the link to LWRC’s website.

What do you think of LWRC’s new SMG-45? Is it something you are looking forward to buy? Or is it too rich for your blood? Let me know in the comment section. 

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All photos where from an article from truth about guns. I found the image when I did a web search of images of the SMG-45. Here is a link to websites article. Truth about guns LWRC SMG-45 article.

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