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Freedom to All

Freedom. Is an inherent right of all people. The freedom to speak freely, sovereignty to walk your own path, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is embedded into the core of this Nation.  Freedom is one of the cornerstones of our Constitution and our Democracy here in America. Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights invoke the ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice. Ideals that are the Foundation of this country put into place over 230 years ago when we declared our independence from Britain. To be a beacon of hope and freedom for the world. That is the foundation of America and her spirit.

We as Americans have always understood and fought for our freedoms.  We all understand that our freedoms are not negotiable. Our freedoms are not up for debate. Nor should our freedoms be leveraged by any political agendas. We live in a pivotal and precarious time in the American landscape. Our freedoms are under attack and how we respond will chart our nation’s course into the future.

Freedom Under Attack

Our Second Amendment rights have been vigorously under attack for quite sometime now. Many are willing to restrict or deny a right under the guise of safety. Many seek to answer the dynamic and complex answer of violence with restriction of firearms. The restriction of firearms will not solve the answer to these mass attacks of terrorism and violence. Violence is a dynamic and complex phenomenon. The evaluation and evolution of violence is dynamic and complex with a myriad of reasons why people choose its extreme. So the answers to the enigma of violence is also such.  Evil men will find a way to plan, coordinate, and execute evil things no matter what just men and women do on the right side of the law. If there is a means there will always be a way for these treacherous people to accomplish their goals. With guns or in absence of them.

In the face of uncertainty and fear we should not give up a right for the guise of safety. Once we relinquish a right or restrict a freedom in anyway we threaten to lose that right forever. So, we should never surrender any of our rights or freedoms. We should defended them and honor them.

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