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Let’s Talk About It

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to engage with people. I wanted to create an open and healthy dialogue with people from all walks of life about firearms and violence mainly. On how we can address violence and prevent the escalation to extreme acts of violence. To inform and educate people about firearms without the lean of a political dogma. I am pragmatic at my core. We should be about discussing the issues and finding real feasible answers to complex and dynamic problems that face this nation. I want to discuss topics of war and peace. Racism and equality. This is a platform I want to use to bridge a gap among diverse views and create a unified and stronger America.

The American Landscape

Today, in America we have such a tendency to divide ourselves by ideologies and politics. That if you don’t believe how I do you are incorrect in your logic and beliefs. That you’re not “woke” enough or apart of the movement of progress. We have a tendency of telling people what they should believe instead of making sound arguments on why they should change their views.

Everyone wants to be on the forefront of progressive or conservative ideas. To show how “woke” or “evolved” they are. Many seek to label, ridicule, and demonize the opposing viewpoint. Only absorb content from their ideological and political spectrum. To create narratives that push progressive or conservative agendas.

The rhetoric and ideas that are pervasive now is not the America I know. We are a nation of laws and freedoms. A nation that was founded to be a beacon of hope and freedom over 240 years ago. The Founders of this nation wanted to establish and protect the voice and freedom of its people. To give every individual of this sovereign nation the freedom of speech, religion, and of press. To protect the human rights of all men and that all men are created equal. I believe at the heart of it all, we as a nation has more that binds us together than divides us.

Yes, we may see things differently but, we all want what is best for this nation’s future. We only differ on the path on how to achieve that future. We all want a united and prosperous America for the future. Yet, we cannot achieve that standing in our ideological corners. We must come to the center and engage each other and start a dialogue for the future.

Let Every Voice Be Heard

Everyone voice is essential and valid even if we fundamentally have opposing views. We must have the presence and ability to voice our discord with civility. To engage each other on the complex issues that are challenging this nation. While working with each other to create answers to the challenges we face as a nation.

To see that even though we disagree we share the same values, liberties, and freedoms as Americans. These values and ideals are the ties that bind us together as a nation. Freedom. Liberty. Justice. These are the cornerstones of our democracy that we are all able to enjoy. During our discord we must remember this fundamental truth above all else.

If we choose perspectives of civility, honesty, humility, and the ability to listen to each other. While having the ability to engage in that discourse that could spur dynamic and powerful change. This could spur change here in American but, also Internationally. To deal with the tough realities of other nations and its people. To be that beacon of hope and freedom for the world to continue to emulate. Today is the time and moment for us to take the first type and start the conversation. Every moment we stand apart we put the future of our nation freedoms in peril.                                              

Thanks For Reading

How do you feel about the future of America? What are the biggest challenges you think we face as nation? What do you think can be done to solve those challenges? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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