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Creating A More Perfect Union

We have weathered difficult times in America before. I believe we will weather this storm too. The seas maybe violent and only darkness is before us yet, we will weather this storm together as a nation. By remembering what binds us over what divides us. With all this going on in our nation now is the time more than ever to remember what makes this country great.


The Wisdom Of George Washington’s Farewell Address Rings True Even Today

I began reading our First President’s address and it struck a cord with me. All the issues and themes we discuss today in America are covered in his farewell address. Instead of me trying to write something myself for President’s Day. I would rather lay silent, step back and let our First President George Washington speak to the nation again. His words are powerful, honest, and deep.


Remembering Those We Lost On The Day The Twin Towers Fell

Today, marks the 18th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. A day that will live in infamy in American history. On that morning 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists took control of four flights and caused tremendous loss of life on American soil. Two of those flights destroyed a symbol of American society and prosperity, The Twin Towers in New York City.