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On Thursday Daniel Defense released a safety notification in regards to a potential defect in the Delta 5 bolt-action rifle. The potential defect is in Delta 5 rifles manufactured prior to September 20th, 2019.  Daniel Defense asked all Delta 5 owners to take this safety notification seriously. The affected Delta 5’s may contain a faulty firing pin cross pin, which could potentially lead to a unintentional discharge of the firearm. Above is the video from Daniel Defense discussing their safety notification. 

Below is the press release of the safety notification from Daniel Defense. This information is here for owners of Delta 5’s that might have the potential defect and what to do to have the issue resolved.

Press Release

In specific models, the firing pin cross pin can break under normal usage, according to Delta Defense. To see if your rifle falls under this DELTA 5 Safety Notification Replacement Campaign, visit Enter the rifle serial number in the Identification search engine. If confirmed, immediately discontinue usage and follow the steps listed below.

The firing pin cross pin resides within the DELTA 5 bolt assembly. It holds the firing pin and cocking piece together in the striker assembly. If the firing pin cross pin breaks, it allows the firing pin to move freely within the bolt assembly.

Daniel Defense will correct any and all potential conditions at no cost to customers. For more information on the DELTA 5 Safety notification, please visit

Bolt Assembly Corrective Action Process



3. Lift the bolt assembly handle and retract to the rear.

4. Verify that the DELTA 5 rifle is unloaded and that the chamber is empty. If there is a round in the chamber, remove it.

5. If the detachable magazine is inserted, activate the magazine release and remove it.

6. Remove the cheek riser from the DELTA 5 stock by loosening the cheek riser’s thumb screw and removing the cheek riser upward and away from the DELTA 5 stock.

7. Retract the bolt assembly just short of the bolt assembly stop located on the left of the receiver.

8. Depress the bolt assembly stop lever, and retract the bolt assembly clear of the receiver. As shown in the following figure 2.

9. Fill out the Return Merchandise Authorization Form Click Here. A Daniel Defense representative will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with shipping instructions, including a pre-paid and pre-addressed UPS shipping label, a box, tape, a packing sleeve and foam inserts.

10. Place the removed bolt assembly into the provided packing sleeve. Then place the packing sleeve with the removed bolt assembly in between the foam inserts and place into the provided box. Seal the box with the provided tape and place the pre-paid and pre-addressed UPS shipping label on the box

11. Ship the bolt assembly to Daniel Defense using the pre-paid and pre-addressed UPS shipping label and box.

12. Daniel Defense will inspect and perform a corrective action on the bolt assembly in the most expeditious manner.

13. Once the inspection is complete and any necessary corrective action is taken, the bolt assembly will be shipped back to you and tracking information will be provided.

If you have any questions about the safety notification beyond what the press release covered I would get in contact with Dainel Defense directly. For owners of the Delta 5 prior to September 20th, 2019 take the notification seriously as Dainel Defense instructed. 

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