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Back in the Game

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone had a great week last week. It was pretty rough for me. I was pretty ill the back half of the week and I am now just getting back to 100%. I suffer from migraines and cluster headaches. I had them back to back for the first time in a long time leaving me out of commission. I am finally back and ready to get back at it.

Coming Soon

I know I am back logged on posts I said I was going to write. So, my goal this week is to get caught up with those posts and jump on to new ones. So, I will complete the Weapons ID post and Tales of an RSO. I might also add in another post this week. My goal will be to create 3 major posts a week. That are deep and entailed. While having other brief posts of 1,000 words or less. I found out its hard for me to write under 1,000 words so I am going to make that my personal challenge to become more succinct in my writing. I do feel a lot like Mozart in Amadeus when Emperor Joseph tells Mozart, he has too many notes in his Opera.

Hitting that Groove!

My respond is as Mozart’s, ” I don’t understand. There are just as many notes, Majesty, as are required. Neither more nor less.”

That is how I feel when I write. I am trying to convey an exact message. How many words that takes well that is how many words it takes to elegantly articulate that message. Yet, I am working on being more succinct in my writing styles.

Thanks For Reading

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