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Looking for a Challenge

For sometime my friends and I have been looking for a different type of 3-gun event. One that is not so vanilla and pushes you as a shooter. Don’t get me wrong my 3-gun people. I do believe that 3-gun is a great barometer for to see where you are as a shooter and where you need to improve. It’s a valuable asset in your tool box as a shooter to grow and improve. It is great for the community to reach a broader audience who might want to get into shooting.  Also, within the shooter community 3-gun is accessible to all shooters and brings together all parts of our community. So, overall it is good for the shooting community. I have personally been looking for a competition that challenges me mentally and physically.

In that search my friends and I  have been throwing around ideas to create our own new and improved 3-gun event.  One that induces some levels of stress to mimic combat induced stress and to see if you can keep the same level of speed and accuracy in your shooting. We wanted to mix in some Olympic movements, obstacle courses, and some cardio with courses of fire mixed in. That was our idea behind it when we started  tossing around ideas for about a year or so.

The Tactical Games

Feeling Like a Kid again!

I was chilling yesterday and I decided to stroll through my Instagram feed. I ran into a post someone had reposted from The tactical Games. It was new to me so I decided to investigate. So, I clicked the link and went to check it out. As, soon as I went to its Instagram page it was instant and immediate tactical and shooting love pouring out of my soul. I loved what I was seeing from the photos and videos. It was what my friends and I had been discussing for over a year. A 3-gun event that challenged you not only mentally but physically. I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie Big when he is roaming around FAO Schwartz playing with all the awesome toys and using the big floor piano. The wave of excitement for me was real. At, the same time I was upset that someone beat us to our idea but, hey now I can enjoy the benefits.

How it Works

So, The Tactical Games’ formula is simple. It is a competition set to test your physical and mental capabilities as a shooter. They attempt to replicate a combat environment throughout their events on the course that test you mentally and physically as a shooter. You will be doing all of this with a load out. That load out entails a plate carrier(weighing 15 lbs for men and 8-10 lbs for women), rifle, pistol, and belt. Including 500 rounds of rifle and pistol respectively for the two days of the event.

There are isn’t any raced out rifles in this competition. Everything is standard across the board. What I mean by that is for rifles only red dots are allowed with back-up iron sights. Any type of magnified optic is not allowed. Nor is any red dot magnifier allowed either.  For pistol, you are only allowed stock sights, fiber optic sights, or tritium sights (Trijicon HD sights). None of those fancy RMR allowed here. For pistols, you are allowed match grade barrels and drop in triggers but, that is it. The calibers in use are 5.56 for rifles. 9mm and .40 cal for pistols.

The standardization across the board by The Tactical Games I love.  They, want to test you without any advantages as purely as possibly to see how you stack as a shooter. I completely enjoy that concept and style of competition. So, I am so on board for this competition.

A Dream Come True

The Tactical Games is the type of shooting competition I have been looking for. One that test me not only mentally as a shooter but, physically. To put all those things together and see where I stand amongst the men in this field. I look forward to competing in The Tactical Games as soon as I can. But, first I have to put together a realistic training plan and shooting plan together to prepare. They have an event coming in June and one in September. I will shoot for the one in September and test my skills among the competitors there.

I will leave a link below if you want to know more about The Tactical Games.

Thanks For Reading

Does The Tactical Games sound like something down your alley? Do you like the setup of the competition? What do you think could make it even better? Drop your answers in the comments below. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this rant, hit that subscribe button, and tag a friend. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or comments. Please feel free to drop a comment. Be Humble. Be Savage. Have a great day!



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