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Shout out to the industry. Shout out to my competitors. Here to bring the game to a new level etc, etc. (A little twist on a Fabulous song called “Body Ya”.)  There is a new kid on the block and ready to take the industry by storm.

I am here to bring an articulate, thoughtful, and well-defined voice to the industry. To use this platform and my voice to help the industry reach a broader audience, educate, and be a place to bring companies and consumers together. That is my whole purpose of this blog is to create a positive voice and information hub for the firearms community. I am here to speak in axioms and not hyperbole. To give readers the truth without all the bullshit in between.

For The Love of The Game

First, and foremost I am here bring my passion and love for firearms to the community. To provide honest and insightful reviews and impressions. Create guides for shooters of all ability levels.  Talk about my experiences with firearms and working in the industry and how it has affected me in positive ways. Explore the history and dynamics of firearms in history and our cultures. Show the beauty, artistry, and creative it takes to build these weapons of peace and war. Weapons and war our interwoven into the history of man, and we should explore that dynamic.

This blog is a platform to engage shooter and non shooter alike. I want people to share their experiences with firearms with me. Share stories of growing up hunting or competitive shooting with family and friends. How it helped protect them in a hostile encounter.  I want to explore the stories behind the weapons and how it ties us to our humanity.

I look forward to sharing my experiences as a shooter and my growth as a man. As, a man of color I have valuable insight into the complex relationship firearms have in the Black Community. To pose some tough and difficult questions to us all on violence and its subtleties and complexities of it. By doing all this I hope to invoke a conversation in our homes and nationally about violence and how to reduce it all around effects. This is what I hope to bring to the industry on an individual level a thoughtful and engaged platform and voice.

A Voice For Consumers

Secondly, this blog will be a voice for the consumers. I will review and give impressions of firearms and gear. I am not here to be an influencer for anyone. Only to give the lowdown on what I think of a product and if it’s worth your hard-earned money. We should know what we are putting our money into and if we are getting a competent and reliable product in return. I am not here to bag or roast any company. Just to provide fair and honest observations and opinions of their products.

I look to foster relationships with companies where they can send a product and get good reliable feedback on a firearm or item of gear. All, I want to do is to make the firearms’ industry better and have companies put out excellent products for us the end user.  This blog will give companies within the industry a spotlight. A place where the consumer can know more about the companies they help support. To find out how the company came to be, what are their design philosophies and principles, and how they interact with and support their local communities. I believe if we put more of a human face to the industry we could potentially engage people outside of the community more.

Reaching Outside of The Community

Lastly, I want to use this blog to reach outside of our community. I want to engage people from all walks of life and see why the hold an opinion one way or another. If we are willing to sit down and listen, debate, and discuss. We will find out we have more in common than divides us. At certain points we may fundamentally disagree with each other about things but, we can learn to respect the opposing side. People will disagree that is natural yet, me must always be willing and open to engage with the other side. This blog and myself are here to grow that audience. Hopefully, change some minds and impact some lives along the way.

A discussion has to happen on many issues in this country. We need to have some honest and frank discussion on racism, hate, and discrimination in this country. We have to deal with some of this country darker moments with the light of honest and a heart of forgiveness. Firearms is one of the issues that divides deeply in certain aspects of this country. Until we have those hard discussion without political lean or verbiage we will not be able to proceed towards healing as a nation and people. I want to use this as a platform to engage and discuss. To disagree and hear. Hopefully, with this mindset we can start making strides that have long since stalled on many areas. I want to be a positive voice for our community.

At the end of the day this blog is meant to be an asset to the firearms community. Here to bring a fresh voice, to provide honest assessments, a place to showcase the industry in a positive way, and to start a meaningful dialogue. The firearms community has brought so much to me and my life I just want to pay that investment forward.

Thanks For Reading

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