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Shopping For The Perfect IFAK

For sometime I have been trying to put together an IFAK kit for my G-Code Assaulter System belt and a go bag. I have plugged together a tapestry of items on an Amazon wishlist called survival. It has gauze, compression wraps, trauma dressing, tourniquet, trauma shears, and the list goes on and on. Trying to have all my bases covered for the ”what if” moment that I need to apply critical first aid to myself or another person.

Welcome to MyMedic

One day I was browsing through the good old inter webs and I found this site called My Medic.  My Medic is a website completely dedicated to first aid supplies and gear. This website is a first responders wet dream. It has all the supplies and gear they could want to build the ultimate bag. Yet, it also has accessibility to the person who is not as well versed in first aid. My medic brings balance to the force. It allows everyone to find what they need for a successful first aid kit.

MyMedic Kits

My Medic has pre-made first aid kits to serve many purposes. You have the RangeMedic that can be used as IFAK for shooting or hunting. You have the MyFAK for personal use. To put in your car or a go bag and your set. My Medic have more advance bags for the military, law enforcement, and first responder communities.  The even have an IFAK called The Boat Medic for your boat. They also have a Suture Kit for the really high speed low drag individuals out there.

Let’s say you are person that doesn’t know what type of kit you need or want. Or if you are just trying to get a baseline to start from MyMedic can help there as well. They have a simple questionnaire that you can answer that will suggest one of MyMedic kits. Even, if you don’t have a clear idea where to start MyMedic can give you a baseline to start from.

A lot the IFAK setups like the MyFAK and RangeMedic have basic and advance load-outs. It allows the consumer more versatility on their load-out beyond the suggested IFAK.

All, together you have 9 options of first aid kits. Ranging from the beginner to the advance. With a price range from $50-750 dollars. The low end of that spectrum is going to be the Solo kit. Topping off at The Medic Kit with $750 price tag for the advance bag.

Build an IFAK Group

Maybe you don’t want to a kit that is already assembled you can choose to build your own. The MyMedic site will have anything that you can think of under the sun. You have items for bleeding, airway, burns, medication, hydration, outdoors, etc. If you can think of it they have what you need. It is a one stop shop to build your own personal dream IFAK. It is pretty amazing. I got lost for over an hour roaming through all the gear and supplies on MyMedic. I was definitely a kid in a first aid candy store. Also, provided through the MyMedic website are books on first aid and a blog centered around first aid.

Diamond in the Rough

All, in all MyMedic was a gem of a web find. I suggest anyone that is looking for a good first aid kit to check them out. If you are an individual who wants a first aid kit but don’t know what to put into it they can take care of you too. Finally, if you’re that seasoned and resourceful law enforcement, first responder, or military personnel they have you covered as well. MyMedic also has a military and law enforcement discount you can apply for. To save some of that hard earned cash. I would suggest  MyMedic to anyone. It is a great website to put together you dream IFAK tailored to your needs. I will leave a link below to MyMedic’s website for those who want to look into all the company has to offer.

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All photos are taken from the MyMedic website.

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