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On Friday, Firearm Policy Coalition submitted a formal letter to President Trump requesting U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Department of Justice investigate the classification of Q’s Honey Badger pistol as an SBR (short barrel rifle). The letter asks for AG Barr and the DOJ to investigate the actions of ATF employees that lead to Q receiving a cease and desist letter regarding the Honey Badger pistol.

In FPC’s letter, attorney and Director of Legal Strategy Adam Kraut outlines the misuse and abuse of power by the ATF in regards to cease and desist letter sent to the Q. In the letter Kraut describes the absue of power as, “serious and troubling, and places thousands of law abiding, peaceable Americans at risk of serious criminal liability and prosecution.”

In the letter, Kraut discusses that back in August ATF Boston Field Division Special Agent in Charge Kelly Brady sent a cease and desist letter to Q, regarding the Honey Badger pistol as a SBR. The letter to Q asserted that the Honey Badger pistol had been analyzed by Firearm Ammunition and Technology Division as a firearm and a SBR which are regulated under NFA. Now, making the Honey Badger pistol illegal to own in its current configuration putting thousands of law abiding citizens at risk. The August cease and desist letter was also signed by James M. Ferguson the Assistant Special in Charge at the Boston Field Division.

In the correspondence Kraut emphasis that the decision to reverse course on a standing decision was completed with the oversight and authorization of ATF’s Chief Counsel’s Office. In the letter Kraut directly calls this out stating, “Most egregious is that those involved attempted to circumvent the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) order to not issue determinations on specific products and utilized the division in charge of criminal enforcement to carry out their anti-gun owner agenda.”

The letter explains that the action taken by the ATF in regards to this new classification is politically motivated in nature. Kraut requests for the agents involved to be investigated and held accountable for their abuse of power. Attorney Kraut also requests that the ones involved should be fired. If termination is not possible, Kraut suggest reassignment of all special agents, officers, and attorneys involved.

In conclusion of the letter, Kraut asks for the long-standing law and prior ATF determinations to stand and that the Honey Badger is not an SBR.

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