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LWRC’s New SMG45

I was browsing through my social media feed on Instagram this morning when I ran into a post of LWRC International posting a photo of SMG with the post caption ”The #SMG45 is here.” What!? Wait!? LWRC is bringing an SMG for the market? Hold up! Hold up! LWRC! 

This is all news to me. I never knew LWRC was trying to get into that market. So, I decided to go do some digging. I did a quick Google search of ”LWRC SMG45”.  First, I started at LWRC’s website and there is no mention of the SMG45 at all. I’m assuming the unveil is at the NRA Annual meeting this week. 

From there, I went back to the Google search.  Slightly below there are videos from Iraqveteran8888 and Tactical Shit from Shot Show 2016 and 2015 respectively on LWRC’s SMG. 

LWRC did their due diligence to make sure information was scarce on this SMG while its been in R&D. It has been seen in the wild at ShotShow 2015 and 2016. Since then its been radio silence on their new SMG.

I don’t have soild details on price or specs when it comes to this submachine gun. I’m assuming that after they reveal the LWRC SMG45. LWRC will have a full press release with more information. 

I only found one site with any type of meaningful information on the new SMG. The only meaningful information gleaned from the website was that LWRC’s SMG had been in development for 4 years. It has been through 7 design iterations and finally received LWRC stamp of approval after rigours testing. I will provide a link below. From the moment that is all I know. Keep your eyes out for LWRC’s new SMG on the horizon. 

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What do you think about LWRC’s new SMG? Do you think it will take the market by storm? 

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