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From Legacy To Innovation: Oracle Arms 2311 Now Live for Sale-A Modern Take On The Iconic 1911

In a remarkable return that has left both industry insiders and firearm enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, Oracle Arms has once again taken center stage. After a prolonged period of silence, Oracle Arms has reemerged onto the firearms landscape, making a resounding announcement on social media: the highly anticipated Oracle Arms 2311 is now officially unveiled.


6 Things to Consider Before You Conceal Carry

The vast majority of questions on conceal carry come form customers thinking about getting a conceal carry license. These customers are looking for a road map on where to start their concealed carry journey. For these shooters the idea and act of conceal carry can be a daunting one. Finding out where to start is difficult for new potential conceal carry users. You understand that these individuals have limited firearms knowledge and weapons handling.

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Market Analysis: How Sig Sauer P365 XL Is A Direct Competitor To The Glock 48

Back in late May I wrote an article about Sig Sauer adding to its P365 lineup with the P365 XL. In writing the article I began to recognize that the P365 XL was Sig Sauer’s answer to the Glock 48 that was released in early 2019. Within that article I make a couple of remarks to that notation of market disruption that the P365 XL will cause by challenging Glock’s foothold with the subcompact market.