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This morning a have a very good web find of an article for you. I completely found this article by accident. I was updating my information for a future more in-depth intel brief on the Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka.

I did a Google search on the bombings then you have the usual news media agencies pop up. CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, and etc. For the newspapers, you have The Washington Post, New York Times, and The AP (The Associated Press).

All the information in general was the same from site to site. Which is a good thing that means the information they are getting is reliable from their different sources on the bombings. So, all in all a good thing.

The information I and getting is good still not itching that scratch of a new development. As, I am investigating for new information on the bombings I start to expand my search. I go check out the BBC and The Guardian. Again same information.

Finally, I decided to check out Rueters and I find this gem of an investigative article slapped on the home page of their website called The China Challenge. This article immediately intrigues me and I click on the link and give it a read.

The synopsis of the article is that China has missile capabilities that far exceed the United States. The arsenal that China has developed, tested, and produce could significantly shift the balance of power in Asia. Taking America from being the dominant force in the Asia theater and putting China on top.

The article talks about the different types of missiles China has in its arsenal, ranges, and methods of employment. The article also explores how America is at a disadvantage because of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed by Nixon and Gorbachev back in 1987. The article explores this and much more to give you a well-rounded view of the situation. 

Overall the article was a great read and very informative. I recommend it to anyone for a better read on the international dynamics between the US and China. How this arsenal could effect power in Asia for years to come. Reuters did a wonderful job with this piece of investigative journalism.

I will provide a link below to the article.

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