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The NRA held its annual meeting down in Indianapolis this weekend. I was not able to attend but, I did keep my eyes out on social media and blogs for new products being released at the annual meeting. Below are the Top 5 products I am looking forward to in the upcoming year or so. 

1. The Vault III Limited Edition Trunk Set

Big Daddy Unlimited in conjunction with Taran Tactical Innovations have put together an awesome Trunk Set for the ultimate John Wick Fan. 

The Vault III is a custom made trunk out of solid red oak, brass hardware, and includes custom foam inserts by Carolina Custom Foam. 

Inside the Vault III you will find four fully functional firearms. Starting with the pistols, you will have a STI 2011 Combat Master and TTI Glock 34 Combat Master. The rifle include is a TTI Ultimate MPX. Last but not least the shotgun will be a TTI Benelli M2. Also included is a No.2 Pencil that has been “used” and 3 24-Karat gold plate “Continental Coins”. 

There will be only 10 Vault III’s made. What is the price tag you might ask? To have all this John Wick awesomeness will set you back $17,999.99.  The price tag is steep but definitely worth it in my mind. 

I will leave a link below so you can go check it out at Big Daddy Unlimited.

2. LWRC Reveals the new SMG-45. 

I dropped a post about this potential reveal of LWRC’s new SMG-45 on Wednesday. It came as a complete surprise that LWRC was even coming out with an SMG for me at least. Now, it’s revealed and officially hitting the consumer market soon. 

Here’s the rundown. The LWRC SMG-45 will be shooting .45 ACP. Down the road LWRC plans on making conversion kits for 9mm and 40 cal for those who are curious. Comes with a folding SB Tactical stock. Full automatic version of the SMG-45 will have cyclic rate of 650-700 rpm(Rounds per min). This new SMG will come with a hefty price tag. The LWRC SMG-45 will retail at $3000 MSRP. So, if you are in the market start saving those pennies, nickel, and dimes now. 

 I will provide a further look into this new SMG soon. 

3.Trijicon’s SRO

Trijicon has one of the best pistol reflex sights on the market with their RMR. The only inherent downside is the limited view provide by that square design and rounded edges. Trijicon has developed a new reflex sight to widen that limited frame of view with the Trijicon SRO. SRO stands for Specialized Reflex Optic. 

The SRO is specifically designed for pistol use. Trijicon’s new sight grants the user has a wide circular field of view to help improve speed and accuracy on target. Clean and crisp red dot for easy target acquisition for the shooter. To create a better and refined shooting experience. 

The SRO will be taking the market by storm when it releases in the next couple of months. 

Link to Trijicon’s Website for more on the SRO. Trijicon.

4. Glock announces the Glock 45 MOS at NRAAM.

Glock over the past couple of years has been expanding its roster of diverse choices of pistol. At, NRAAM Glock introduces another pistol to the family with the Glock 45 MOS. The G 45 MOS slide is essentially a G17 slide that is sitting on a Gl19 frame. It’s essentially a G19x. It has the addition of front slide serrations and is optic ready unlike the G45. The G45 MOS will be sporting all the same features from the Gen 5 Glocks.

5. Canik and Salient Arms International Collaborate Again with the TP9 Elite Combat Executive.

In the fall of 2018 Canik released a TP9 that had been customized by Salient. The pistol was a Salient upgrade at a reasonable price tag. 

Now, less than a year later Canik and Salient are back it with the TP9 Elite Combat Executive. The Elite Combat Executive is all murdered out black with the standout gold fluted match grade barrel by SAI. The barrel in the ECE is also suppressor ready with 1/2 x 28 RH Threads. 

The new ECE comes with a flat face trigger, optic ready slide, mounting plate, and charging handle. A side-reversible, extended magazine release and additional backstrap for customizing the fit is included in addition to a new retention holster with Slide Lock Release.

The slide, barrel and small steel parts are nitride-coated while internal components are nitride or high-wear nickel-coated. The Salient collaboration includes the barrel and thread protector, an aluminum Speed Funnel magazine well, and sight set with fiber optic front sight. A 15-round magazine with a +3 extension for a total of 18-rounds is included.

Canik will only be doing a limited production run on the TP9 Elite Combat Executive. The TP9 ECE will MSRP at $749.99 Go check out the TP9 Elite Combat Executive on Century Arms website.

Those are the five products that caught my eye while keeping up with NRA Annual Meeting. 

What new firearm or product caught your eye at the NRAAM? Did any of my choices peak your interest? Let me what you think in the comment section. 

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