For the last couple of years since Canik hit the U.S. market, they have been providing a feature rich firearm at a great price. The Canik TP9 has solid ergonomics, a surprisingly crisp and clean trigger, and again that awesome price point. So, whenever I get a chance to give Canik some love I like to spread that love. 

About a week and half ago at NRAAM, Canik and SAI (Salient Arms International) released another collaboration project with the TP9 Elite Combat Executive. The ECE comes in murdered out black with SAI gold fluted barrel, flat faced trigger, optic ready, mounting plate, SAI internals, and more. All at the great price tag of $749.99. The TP9 ECE is all around a steal and a deal. When you compare how much it cost for SAI upgraded Glock. Think about the value you are getting from Canik’s upgraded TP9. 

Now, Canik is up to it again releasing a new limited time lineup for the TP9 series. Canik is calling the new pistol line the One Series. The One Series will offer two TP9SF models with special accessories at an affordable price point.

Canik Series one Features

Canik will offer the TP9SF and the TP9SF Elite in the new limited-run series. Each version of the One Series pistol will come with Warren Tactical sights, one magazine, one additional back strap, and a hard plastic case. 

TP9SF Elite One Series Specifications

• Color: Black (Nitride)

• Overall Capacity: 15+1

• Caliber: 9mm

• Overall Barrel Length: 4.19 inches

• Overall Length: 7.28 inches

• Height: 5.27 inches

• Width: 1.45 inches

• Overall Weight: 1.77 pounds, unloaded

• MSRP: $324.99

TP9SF One Series Specifications

• Color: Black Nitride

• Overall Capacity: 18+1

• Caliber: 9mm

• Overall Barrel Length: 4.46 inches

• Overall Length: 7.55 inches

• Height: 5.70 inches

• Width: 1.30 inches

• Overall Weight: 1.78 pounds, unloaded

• MSRP: $299.99

Canik has yet again brought value and a feature rich pistol at a respectable price. At, $299.99 for the TP9SF and $324.99 for the TP9SF Elite you are getting the bang for your buck. If you’re a person that has been on the fence about purchasing TP9 this might be the handgun that gets you on the Canik bandwagon. Or if you a new shooter looking for a good pistol that is not going to break the budget. The ”One Series” for Canik gives financial flexibility to make that purchase.

The One Series will be a limited production run. The new handguns will begin shipping in May 2019. To get more insight visit at their website,

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