Hello, everyone. I hope everyone had a good relaxing weekend with family and friends. I hope you also have a great and productive week ahead. Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty of this post.

About a month and half ago I put out a post talking about my next rifle build. I was weighing my options on what I wanted to build next and decided on a AR pistol. In the post I gave the rundown of what products I was going to buy for the upper and lower and the price of those said items. The build was going to cost me around $1,300 bucks to build from the ground up. Which compared to the DD MK18 I wanted to buy/build its a deal and a steal when comes to the matter of price. So, a win-win for me.

Along the course of gathering the parts for this build, I made some changes along the way. In the grand scheme of things, I have subtracted a few things and chosen some different brands versus another. I will give a break down of the parts I have so far and what is left on the build. I will work my way from the top to the down. First, we will start with the upper receiver. Continue with the lower and finish with accessories. 

Upper Reciever

With the upper receiver, I stayed true to the PSA 10.5 inch pistol kit with the SB3 Tactical stock. I purchased a surefire warcomp, and magpul mbus pro iron sights. That is what I have purchased so far. 

For the optic, I had already purchased a Vortex Strike Eagle but looking at it now I believe its too much and I switched gears. Instead of putting the Strike Eagle on the pistol I will put my Vortex Crossfire red dot on instead. The Strike Eagle will go on my 16-inch rifle platform. 

During the process of building this pistol I made some changes. Instead of a Radian charging handle, I decided to go with Geissele’s Airborne Charging Handle. The price point is in the same ballpark and I’ve used the Geissele’s Super Charging Handle and it is smooth as silk when charging it. That’s my opinion at least. 

Also, I planned on adding a Surefire Warden to the project to push the gases and flashes forward so you’re not surrounded by a wall of fire when you shoot. 

The items left to buy for the upper are the Geissele ACH, BCM 10 inch QRF Rail, and Surefire Warden.

The Breakdown of the Upper Parts as of right now


• PSA Pistol Kit 

• Surefire Warcomp

• Magpul Mbus Pro Iron sights 

• Vortex Crossfire

Items left to buy 

• BCMC10-inch QRF Rail

• Geissele ACH

• Surefire Warden

Moving on to the lower receiver portion of the post. I was able to get everything I wanted for the lower. That includes the Spike’s Tactical Lower, Spike’s T3 Buffer, and Geissele’s Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger. I have been wanting to try Geissele trigger. I was going to buy the basic Geissele 2 stage trigger but, part of me was like, ”Fuck it! Go big or go home!” I decided to make the investment and get the trigger I wanted. All in all the lower is complete. 


• Spike’s Tactical Calico Jack Lower 

• Spike’s Tactical T3 Buffer 

• Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger 

As, for accessories, I haven’t purchased any of those items yet. There is a subtraction from accessories I will not be purchasing a light for it currently. Thinking about it I decided to purchase one later after the build is complete. 

So, that’s all folks for the moment. The build is coming along. I will keep acquiring all the parts I need for this build. So far so good. 

What do you think of my product choices on my build? Do you have a favorite company you like purchasing rifle parts from? Let me know in the comments below. 

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