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Trying to find a way to have a macro and micro outlook on the military world is difficult to say the least.  Most news I digest on a regular basis when it comes to military intel or foreign policy is from an American perspective. Which it rightly should be. I am worried about the defense of sovereignty of my nation first and foremost. I believe everyone else would feel the same way about their country. At, the same time I am always trying to be informed of your allies military capabilities and our enemies. It is important to know the strength and weakness of your allies when creating national and international military strategies. 

Previously, I tried to extract all I could from military news outlets such as Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force Times to keep up to date with the happenings within the military. I would also check out Defense News which is apart of the military times news family for political policy shaping our military strategy. As, I said once before this only limits my scope on what I can see from an international perspective. You have to be able to understand the macro and the micro of military defense and strategy. 

About two or three weeks ago I began seeing this post rolling around Instagram of China with an armored truck with the capability to deploy 12 drones. I was interested to learn more about this new military technology in China’s future. So, I decided to do a quick Google search for the armored truck and it lead me to

From the moment I opened up the webpage I was in heaven. It had information from all the militaries around the world. From military strategy countries are using or adopting, to defense deals, and new equipment to hit the battlefield. I was like a kid in an informational candy store. I knew I had found a place to see the macro perspective of how foreign military and tactics dictate our own. 

So, if you are looking for a place to read and learn more about the different military happenings around the world has you covered. Now, you and I have a chance to put the macro and micro together to see the bigger picture of policy and military strategy. 

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