In this moment in our history we as America are living in a complex, chaotic, and uncertain times. We are waging war with a new and invisible enemy. The Covid pandemic. Its origins in Wuhan and its subsequent expansion through Europe and the United States has caused the world to lockdown. America was not immune from the Covid-19 high infection rate and mortality. Our economy shuttered and prosperity withered. In turn leaving millions of America unemployed, destroying small businesses, and lives. Next, the unfortunate passing of Mr. Floyd while in police custody only accelerated tensions. Leading to protests that devolved into riots and looting. The vandalism of private and public property. This perfect storm of a pandemic along with unfortunate death of Mr. Floyd has drove this nation into chaotic state.

We have weathered difficult times in America before. I believe we will weather this storm too. The seas maybe violent and only darkness is before us yet, we will weather this storm together as a nation. By remembering what binds us over what divides us. With all this going on in our nation now is the time more than ever to remember what makes this country great.

Over 244 years ago the Founding Fathers of this nation adopted the Declaration of Independence during the second Continental congress. In this declaration the Thirteen Colonies declared themselves independent sovereign states, no longer under the tyranny of British rule. This declaration laid the foundation for the values, ideals, and principles of a nation not yet born. The Declaration of Independence embodies will of free men and women, liberty, and the pursuit of ones happiness.

That America will not stand for the tyranny of rule, governance, or of an ideology. That we granted certain inalienable rights as the U.S. Constitution informs us. That we as Americans in this great nation can have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The foundation of America are built upon the concrete of freedom, liberty, and justice. Our Founding Fathers sought for America to be a beacon of freedom and liberty to the world.

During the growth of this nation we have not been a perfect union. We have had our dark moments and times. Yet, even through those dark moments the value and promises of this nation stood strong. Americans throughout our history have fought for the ideals and values that America embodies even if that freedom or justice was not theirs at the moment. The Founding Fathers of this nation knew that this nation needed to grow and evolve. With the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights laid the ground work to create a better nation. To create that more perfect union they speak of in the Constitution.

Now, is the time during this storm in our nation’s history to remember the importance of freedom, liberty, and justice. We have fought and struggled for that more perfect union. Through our 200 plus years of existence this nation have transformed itself. Blossom and flourishing into a strong and mighty oak.

Here in this great nation we had the ability to unleash the energy, individual genius, and spirit of man to greatest extent ever seen before. Freedom, liberty, and dignity has been more available and ensured here in America than any other country on the planet.

The price of that freedom has been high but, we as Americans are willing to pay that price. We only need to look to our war memorials of our fallen. These men paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedoms and liberties of this nation. To ensure us the freedoms we enjoy today and many take for granted.

In this time of upheaval and chaos we need to take a moment and remember the beauty of this nation. Remember the freedoms that we enjoy and hold dear. The freedoms and liberties we have here are not afforded to people of different nations. Our Founding Fathers act of rebellion 244 years ago sparked what we see today.

If we wish to keep these freedoms and liberties we must be prepared to fight and defend them. If not they will be stripped and chains of slavery and injustice will be our yoke. It is up to us to preserve the freedoms and liberties of this nation.

We must understand that no weapon or arsenal in the world is more formidable than the freedom, liberty, and justice of a free nation and people. This is an advantage that we hold over our other nations and adversaries. As, the seek to strip away freedoms and censor their people. This is a weapon we do have here in America.

Now, is a time through this darkness we must remember the importance of our freedoms. Nor is it a time for us to sacrifice them. The time is now that we come together and remember what makes this country great and work towards a better future together. We must remember what binds us than what divides us. Our Union is not perfect. Yet, we should strive to build a more perfect union. That is why the Founding Fathers gave us the tools of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights so future generations could make that dream possible of a more prefect union.

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