One of the most important parts of a good rifle build is having a good engine aka good internal parts. Which means you are in the market for a good barrel, bolt carrier group (BCG), and gas block system to run the engine of your rifle. With so many brands and options when it comes to your engine it can become a daunting task to put together. 

That’s where Rosco Manufacturing comes into play. Rosco’s is an American manufacturer of high quality barrels and accessories at a fair market price. Rosco is looking to eliminate some of that headache and “knock it up a notch”, like Elzar with Rosco’s new “Sauce Pack” product lineup. 

Rosco designed these “Sauce Pack” bundles after direct requests from customers to provide key components for their rifle builds at a great price. What resulted from that request was a list of hand picked parts that are ready to run right out of the box. Rosco’s purpose behind the “Sauce Pack” kits are to provide completely homogeneous parts to provide the best functionality out of your rifle build. 

Rosco’s “Sauce Pack” will include their popular Bloodline barrel, bolt carrier group, and gas system.

Rosco’s new “Sauce Packs” come in at a reasonable price point. All of Rosco barrels and accessories are made in-house which allows them to pass the savings on to you the consumer. The Rosco “Sauce Pack” kits start at $295.95 with 10.5 inch ”Sauce Pack”. 

Sauce Pack Pricing 

• 10.5” Sauce Pack. MSRP: $295.95

• 12.5” Sauce Pack. MSRP: $304.95

• 14.5” USASOC Sauce Pack. MSRP: $310.95

• 16” USASOC Sauce Pack. MSRP: $314.95

To check out Rosco’s Bloodline barrels and “Sauce Pack” head over to Rosco Manufacturing for more. 

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