The enduring design of the 1911 never ceases to amaze. The iconic and striking design language and wonderful craftsmanship associated with this designed is unmatched. This pistol is the winner of two world wars and is important to fabric of this nation. Even, after 110-years this pistol can still turn heads. Now, Nighthawk Custom looks to show the beauty of design and craftsmanship with the Nighthawk Custom VIP. In this instance VIP stands for Very Impressive Pistol.

The Nighthawk Custom VIP features: a DLC black or antiqued nickel finish, a 18k Gold front sight bead, engravings done by hand and luxurious giraffe bone grips to round off the offering.

Below, is the product description and specs for the Nighthawk Custom VIP.

Product Description

The Nighthawk VIP, or Very Impressive Pistol, is just that. As one of our most exclusive 1911 models, the VIP is built as a true heirloom piece. This pistol is crafted with all the finest customizations, including a tasteful amount of hand engraving done by a master engraver. The VIP is also equipped with an 18k solid gold bead front sight and giraffe bone grips. To complete this truly elite package, the VIP comes in a custom walnut hardwood presentation case. Originally only offered in a 5” Government, you can now get a 4.25” Commander and caliber options of 9mm or 45 ACP.


• Caliber: 9mm / .45 ACP
• Frame size: Commander
• Slide width: .92″
• Width: 1.4″
• Rear sight: Heinie Black Slant Pro
• Front sight: Gold bead

The Nighthawk Custom VIP is available now with a $7,999.99 MSRP. For more on this pistol check out their website. Also, go give them a follow on Instagram page to keep up to date.

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